There are several types of car refrigerators. The most popular are thermoelectric and compressor ones — they included interesting models in the selection.

Thermoelectric type auto-refrigerators

Relatively inexpensive refrigerators that cool the contents of the chamber using thermoelectric plates. Silent, compact, not afraid of shaking. As a rule, they can work both from the cigarette lighter and from the household network. Most models have a heating function to keep freshly cooked food warm for a while.

The obvious drawback is the lack of freezing. Products placed in the chamber will only be cooled to a certain level due to the temperature difference inside the chamber and outside. On average, thermoelectric refrigerators are able to provide a difference of 20 °C with the ambient temperature.

1. With shoulder strap

A compact refrigerator measuring 31 x 28 x 17 cm will fit between the front seats of the car — it will be convenient to get food from it while driving. An 8-liter chamber is enough to store provisions for two or three people.

The device is powered by the on-board network and provides a difference of 18–20 °С with the ambient temperature. The chamber can heat up to 65 °C. There is a key on the case to switch between modes.

The refrigerator weighs 1.7 kg. Comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Price: 3,281 rubles.


2. With cup holders

Refrigerator with a display showing the temperature inside the chamber with a volume of 15 liters. This space is enough to mix 22 cans of drinks or food for three to four people. The kit comes with two power cables to connect to the cigarette lighter or home network. The model is also useful at home, for example, during repairs. Also included is a shoulder strap.

On top of the case there are a pair of recessed cup holders so that chilled drinks are always at hand. In heating mode, the model is able to maintain temperatures up to 65 ° C. Products will be cooled up to 28 °C difference with the environment. You can set the desired temperature with the buttons. The size of the refrigerator is 42 × 30 × 22 cm.

Price: 7,901 rubles.


3. With wheels

The 28L model is a good option for a large family. The refrigerator measures 47 x 45 x 34 cm and weighs 6.21 kg. It has wheels and a pair of handles: retractable, like on suitcases, and regular, for carrying in your hand. On the front wall there is a pocket made of thick fabric. It fastens with a zipper and is suitable for storing cutlery, napkins and other small items.

Another practical detail is a special compartment in which the cable for connecting to the on-board network is neatly folded. The model is able to cool products up to 18–23 °C below ambient temperature. The chamber of the device is heated up to 60 °C.

Price: 9 990 rubles.


4. With lid lock

Tesler TCF‑2512 has a folding handle — when folded, it acts as a removable cover blocker. The chamber with a capacity of 25 liters will include drinks and food for three to four people. You can use the refrigerator both in the car and at home: two power cables are included.

The appliance cools food down to a difference of 20 °C below ambient temperature. There is also a heating function up to 65 ° C. The dimensions of the model are 40.5 × 42 × 31 cm. The refrigerator weighs 4 kg.

Price: 6,199 rubles.


5. Backlit

Autoprofi Climatek has a camera backlight — you can quickly find food or a jar of the right drink in the dark. The volume of the refrigerator is 24 liters. There is a heating function up to 55–65 °C and cooling down to 18–20 °C below the outside air temperature. The set includes two cables: for connection to the cigarette lighter and household network.

The size of the refrigerator is 44 × 41 × 32.5 cm. It weighs about 4 kg.

Price: 9 420 rubles.


Compressor-type auto-refrigerators

More expensive and bulky devices that can not only cool, but also freeze food. These types of models use liquid refrigerant. Due to the design features, compressor refrigerators must be installed on surfaces with an inclination angle of no more than 40–45 °.

1. Bluetooth enabled

The Bluetooth module will allow you to control INDEL B X30A from your smartphone. To do this, you need to install the free app Solar Freezer for Android or Portable Freezer for iOS. The temperature can be adjusted in the range from -20 to +20 °С. The function of fast cooling down to -15 °C is also provided. All the set parameters are stored in the refrigerator’s memory — after turning them on, they do not have to be set manually. The size of the model with a 30-liter chamber is 64 × 46 × 44 cm. For three or four people, this volume will be enough.

The refrigerator weighs 13.5 kg. To make it easier to move, there are two wheels at the base, and a retractable handle on the back wall. The lid with recesses for glasses is completely removable for easy loading of products. The USB connector on the case will allow you to power your smartphone and other gadgets on the road.

The cable for the cigarette lighter socket is included in the kit. As well as a quick-release battery that will keep food cool for up to 20 hours even when the power is off.

Price: 37,890 rubles.


2. With two cameras

Inside Meyvel AF‑G18 there are two chambers: for cooling and for freezing. The total volume of internal space is 18 liters. The refrigerator will be able to put food and drinks for two. For settings on the case there is a panel with buttons and a bright display. Synchronization with the Meyvel Car Fridge mobile app via Bluetooth is also possible. There is a memory function, a backlight inside the camera and a USB port on the body.

The refrigerator measures 58.5 x 33.5 x 29.2 cm and weighs 10.8 kg. It is able to maintain temperatures from -20 to +20 ° C and operate in three modes: standard, turbo (for quick freezing) and economical. The device is powered by a cigarette lighter.

Price: 16,999 rubles.


3. With seat belt mount

On the body of Libhof Q‑18 there is a metal bracket that will allow you to fix the refrigerator on the seat with a seat belt. The capacity of the refrigerator chamber is 18 liters. It can be divided into three compartments with removable partitions so that different foods and drinks do not mix during storage.

The temperature is adjusted in the range from -25 to +10 °C using a panel with touch buttons and a display. The dimensions of the model are 58 × 32 × 27.5 cm. The refrigerator weighs 11 kg. Comes with a cable for power from the cigarette lighter.

Price: 18,999 rubles.


4. With removable handles

Kitfort KT‑2422 can operate both from car and truck cigarette lighters, and from a household power supply — the kit includes a power cable and an adapter. The backlit double chamber has a volume of 42 liters — you can stock up on products for a long trip. Closers on the lid will protect the seal from damage if it slams shut.

The temperature is set in the range from -40 to +40 °С in increments of one degree. The selected value is displayed on the backlit screen.

Model size — 60.7 × 43.5 × 36.3 cm. Weight — 15.9 kg. There are handles on the sides for carrying. If necessary, they can be removed so that the refrigerator takes up less space in the trunk.

Price: 22,990 rubles.


5. With textured plastic cover

The most compact compressor refrigerator in the selection. The Meyvel AF‑B12 lid is made of textured plastic — dishes will not slip off it, and the device can be used as a table. At the top there is a built-in handle, a touch panel with a display and a USB port for recharging gadgets. The refrigerator is powered by a cigarette lighter.

The volume of the chamber is small — 12 liters, but for two people this will be enough. The refrigerator supports three modes of operation: standard, economical and fast freezing. Temperature is regulated from -20 to +20 °C. The specified settings are stored in the instrument’s memory. The size of the model is 42.5 × 32 × 30.9 cm. It weighs 6.8 kg.

Price: 13 399 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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