1. Floating island, LEGO Duplo series

A good option for a first acquaintance with LEGO. The set is suitable for children from one and a half years old and is designed to play while swimming. It consists of an island with a palm tree, a bucket, a lion, a fish, an octopus and a flamingo. Collecting figures is easy — they consist of large cubes. The island is divided into two sections and serves as a container to store all 20 items.

Price: 3,032 → 2,527 rubles.


2. Large set for creativity, LEGO Classic series

In addition to the classic colorful bricks, the 790-piece set includes doors, windows, wheels, propellers and other special elements for constructing buildings and other figures. Another useful detail is a separator that quickly separates tightly coupled blocks.

The set is delivered in a plastic container, it is much more durable and stronger than ordinary cardboard boxes. The constructor is suitable for children from 4 years old.

Price: 5,569 → 3,342 rubles.


3. Roadwork Vehicle, LEGO City Series

This 58-piece set includes wheels, cab and other parts to assemble a dump loader. A wheelbarrow, traffic cones and signs, a shovel, a worker minifigure and a rat will help to realistically recreate the section of the track where repairs are being carried out.

The constructor is suitable for children from 4 years old. Detailed building instructions are included in the paper booklet included in the set, as well as in the free LEGO Building Instructions app.

Price: 988 → 824 rubles.


4. Buggy SUV, LEGO Technic Series

Constructor for assembling a car on radio control. The SUV has front and rear suspension, large wheels, an opening hood and other moving mechanisms. The buggy is controlled through the free Control+ mobile app. Various sound effects are available in it, giving realism to the races. There are 374 pieces in total in the set, it is suitable for children from 10 years old. Separately, you will need to purchase six AA batteries.

Price: 11,723 → 9,496 rubles.


5. Animal Rescue Truck LEGO City Series

The designer will allow the child to feel like a lifeguard. The player will have to cross the river on a jet ski or an SUV with a winch, and then free the baby lion cub from the python’s nest. The designer of 157 elements is designed for children from 4 years old.

Price: 6,228 → 2,861 rubles.


6. Stunt Park, LEGO City Series

On a pull-back motorcycle, you can jump over flames, circle around a cage with a giant spider, and perform other mind-blowing stunts. With 170 pieces and 2 minifigures, you can compete against a friend for the best stuntman. The configuration of the modules can be changed, each time coming up with new tests. The constructor is suitable for children from 5 years old.

Price: 2,749 → 1,979 rubles.


7 Puppy Playground LEGO Friends

This 57-piece set includes a girl and 2 puppies minifigures that can be decorated with bows. Also, the child will be able to assemble a playground with a carousel and a slide. The designer is designed for children from 4 years old.

Price: 1,999 → 1,079 rubles.


8. Tea Party at Belle’s LEGO Duplo Series

Set based on the Disney cartoon «Beauty and the Beast». In addition to the Belle minifigure, the set includes Mrs. Potts’ pot-bellied teapot, Chip’s cup and a Cogsworth clock. With these characters, you can act out a tea party scene from a cartoon or come up with your own plot. The constructor consists of 19 elements. It is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old.

Price: 7,990 → 4,150 rubles.


9. Lunokhod, LEGO City Series

The crew of three astronauts is assigned an important mission: they need to land on the moon to study the fallen meteorite. A lunar rover based on real NASA technology will help you quickly get to the right place. It has realistic details and six pairs of wheels, thanks to which the model can turn on the spot and move in any direction. In total, the set includes 275 elements. This toy is suitable for children over 6 years old.

Price: 4,999 → 3,999 rubles.


10. Mall, LEGO Friends series

From 1,032 elements, it will be possible to assemble a shopping center with shops, fitting rooms, a cafe and a photo booth. An escalator with a moving mechanism will help you get from one level to another. The set also includes six characters, including a baby figure. The designer is designed for children from 10 years old.

Price: 13,135 → 7,224 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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