1. Bookmark

E-books are more practical than paper ones, but they definitely have one drawback — you won’t be able to use this original metal corgi bookmark with a reader. Options with different pendants are available for ordering, but you cannot choose a specific model. Bookmark length — 15.8 cm.

Price: 210 rubles.


2. iPhone Case

In addition to the fun design with geese, the accessory will please with practicality. The side will reliably protect the camera module from damage, the smartphone itself will also not be scratched — the case is made of soft silicone. This product is suitable for iPhone X and newer models.

Price: 259 rubles.


3. Cable protector

You can solve the problem with a broken charging cable with electrical tape, but there is a more fun and practical way. The silicone pad is put on the base of the cord and does not allow it to wear out quickly.

There are Iron Man, Batman, scrambled eggs and other fun options to choose from. In total, there are 16 universal models that are suitable for different cables.

Price: 107 rubles.


4. Flash drive

A flash drive in the form of a security guard from the series «The Squid Game» is sold in volumes from 4 to 512 GB. You can also choose to have a square, triangle, or circle on the mask. Buyers praise the product for the quality of workmanship and full compliance with the photographs. As a gift, the seller sends a metal chain.

Price: from 249 rubles.


5. Sponge for washing dishes

A cellulose sponge looks like a piece of thick cardboard. In order for the product to take on a familiar voluminous appearance, it is enough to moisten it with water. The seller offers 11 design options, including corgi, ice cream, loaf, duck and others. Each sponge has a string for hanging.

Price: 105 rubles.


6. Corrector tape

With the help of the tape, it will be possible to quickly and accurately correct the error in the records. The size of the product is small — 6 × 3 cm. It will not take up much space in a pencil case or bag. The reviews say that the tape is of high quality and lasts for a long time. You cannot choose a specific design option — the seller sends a random color.

Price: 69 rubles.


7. Eraser

You can also erase unnecessary entries with an ordinary eraser, but it is much more pleasant to use a piece of chocolate or a cookie for this. When ordering, you can even choose the color of the confectionery.

Price: from 80 rubles.


8. Socks

An alpaca image made of soft-touch terry fabric gives a funny look to the model. The socks themselves are made from natural cotton and are sold in a single size. Three colors: white, black and grey.

Price: 131 rubles.


9. Keychain

Keychain with a cat measuring 4.4 × 4 cm is made of polymer resin. In addition to the ring on the chain, there is a carabiner to which you can attach another pendant or an additional bunch of keys. There are 9 designs with animals of different colors to choose from.

Price: 310 rubles.


10. Jibits

With the help of these decorations, it will be possible to give the standard clogs a more original look. Available in 9 models of jibits of different designs. All of them are sold at the same price.

Price: 40 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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