1. Belle YOU underwear

Despite the fact that the name mentions underwear, the brand produces not only it. Home and sportswear, swimwear and much more are available for order. All wardrobe items are made from natural materials.

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2. 12storeez

The brand creates stylish basic clothes that are easy to combine with each other. Such a wardrobe can be updated by adding one or two new things. The store also has a lot of accessories: belts, wallets, bags and hats.

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3. Mollis

The brand specializes in women’s clothing in classic and sports styles. Under this brand, not only strict dresses, jackets and straight-cut skirts are produced, but also relaxed suits with sweatshirts and joggers. And also jeans, tops, t-shirts and other things for sports and everyday looks.

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4. To be blossom

Soft silhouettes, body-friendly materials, delicate pastel shades — this is not all that attracts the brand. The variety of models presented is also striking: there are dresses, trendy jumpsuits, suits with Bermuda shorts. From the assortment of the store, you can create an image for work, an informal meeting or a romantic date.

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5. Two balls

«Two balls» comes from the USSR: at that time, sports shoes under this brand were incredibly popular, but not everyone managed to get the coveted pair. Now the legendary sneakers are back. The branded logo, the print on the sole with two balls, the classic design — all this also pleases buyers. But something has changed: the line has expanded, the quality has become better, the materials are more reliable, and the wearing time is longer.

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Sweatshirts of a free cut side by side with original dresses, pleated mini skirts — with strict jackets. Each potential customer will find something suitable for herself, both from basic things and from trendy ones.

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Laconic yet functional clothing like sweatshirts, jeans and T-shirts, as well as everyday shoes and accessories for men and women. All the proposed models are basic, but this is their feature. With SHU products, you can go anywhere and feel comfortable.

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8 Urban Tiger

When creating collections, Urban Tiger pays special attention to ecology — sews clothes only from natural and recycled materials. In addition to caring for nature, the brand also thinks about customers. Therefore, it offers to buy high-quality and comfortable clothes in muted shades. The color scheme is inspired by his hometown — St. Petersburg.

In the collections you can find strict dresses and jackets, spacious hoodies, cozy suits and more. Outerwear is especially worth noting: the choice of windbreakers, raincoats and parkas is huge for both men and women.

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9. Studio 29

Clothes of a simple cut are often complemented by perforations that make it much more effective. Strict styles of trousers, shirts and dresses look completely different thanks to the inserts of fabrics with different prints. Designers are not afraid to play with color and textures and create unusual things: strict floral jackets, dresses with cutouts in unusual places, bright outerwear.

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The main idea of ​​this brand is to create trendy clothes under the slogan «comfortable femininity». This is the case when you don’t have to make sacrifices and choose: dress up in comfortable or beautiful. In the collections, you can find both trendy wide trousers and jackets with shoulder pads, as well as always up-to-date dresses with puffed sleeves and a delicate floral print.

A nice bonus is the availability of reusable masks of various colors.

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11. The Select

Due to the variety of models, it will be difficult to make a choice. You can, for example, pay attention to the brand’s elegant dresses: tight-fitting silhouettes emphasize the figure and at the same time do not look defiant. But oversized clothing will be comfortable to wear every day, but not only it: there are trendy wide trousers and other wardrobe items in casual style.

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Although the brand appeared outside of Russia, the founding designer and all points of sale are located here. BLCV makes clothes for men and women. The main idea is to create such things from denim that combine classic fit, practicality and new fashion trends. For example, flared jeans, loose Bermuda shorts and jackets.

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13. Zaporozhets Heritage

Brand designers love bold prints and put them on T-shirts, hats, T-shirts, fanny packs and other items in the line. If you are nostalgic for the 80s and Soviet childhood, then you should definitely look into this store for a hat with a pom-pom or socks with “Zaporozhets”.

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14. GATE31

A young brand with its own production in St. Petersburg takes care of the environment and creates clothes that remain relevant for several seasons. That is why all models are sewn in restrained colors.

You can buy the most basic things in the store: trousers, shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks, outerwear and accessories like bags and hats.

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15. Glove me

The first and most famous Russian brand of tattoo gloves. All patterns applied to the surface are embroidery, moreover, the author’s. There are both flesh-colored gloves that give the maximum resemblance to the skin in tattoos, and black models with white prints.

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16. Anchor MPA

Moscow manufacturer of stylish accessories: backpacks, passport covers and socks. The latter are presented in huge numbers and are decorated with patterns and inscriptions: both funny and dreary, like “I want to suffer.” A pair can be chosen for any mood.

Backpacks brand offers roomy, they are suitable for walking around the city and traveling light. All offered products are designed for connoisseurs of modern street fashion.

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