1. Natura Siberica

One of the popular Russian brands of natural cosmetics. Natura Siberica produces creams, shampoos, scrubs, masks, tonics and other skin and hair care products. Cosmetics use organic oils, wild honeys, hand-picked herbal extracts and other natural ingredients.


2. Siberina

A similar assortment is offered by Siberina. Almost all products are 100% natural ingredients. In addition to cosmetics, the brand produces household cleaners, toothpastes, scented candles, and more. Especially the creators of Siberina are proud to be the first to launch a line of natural intimate cosmetics.



When developing formulas, the brand uses a scientific approach. Experts in the field of molecular biochemistry and biotechnology investigate the effects of natural and synthetic ingredients on skin cells and offer effective solutions for any problem. The range includes anti-aging, nourishing, tightening and other skin care products for the face, hands and feet.


4. Levrana

At the heart of the Levrana philosophy is the use of exclusively natural ingredients. In 2017, the company received the Cosmos Natural certificate, confirming that the brand’s cosmetics consist entirely of natural ingredients. In addition, Levrana shampoos, creams, soaps and other products are not tested on animals.


5. O’Care

The brand specializes in the production of alginate, fabric and dry face masks. The O’Care range also includes cleansing gels, eye serums and patches and other products for professional skin care at home.


6. Shine Is

The brand produces lines for face and body care based on its own developments. In the Shine Is catalog you can find tonics, oils, creams, highlighters, masks, serums. The company pays special attention to aromas — many products leave an unobtrusive plume on the skin with light notes of citrus, coconut and vanilla.



These cosmetics are also based on natural ingredients. The range includes shampoos, serums, creams and scrubs with extracts of fragrant herbs, berries and fruits growing in the South of Russia. Some products also use exotic natural ingredients such as argan and jojoba oils.


8. Evereco Skin Care

The company creates cosmetics according to formulas designed specifically for the Russian climate. The Evereco Skin Care catalog contains series that have everything you need for basic skin and hair care. Due to the high content of active ingredients, creams, serums and other products are economically consumed and last for a long time.



In the brand’s catalog, you can choose natural care products for the whole family. There is an orange oil shampoo, baby abrasion cream with sea buckthorn and shaving foam with oak bark extract. The company does not test cosmetics on animals and uses only recycled cardboard for packaging.


10. Kleona

At the dawn of its activity, the company produced professional skin protection products that were used in industrial enterprises. Today Kleona offers customers dozens of face, body and hair care products. The brand successfully expands its range by creating original products. For example, the company produces a special line of bath products, men’s cosmetics, as well as soaps and balms with a healing effect.


11. Mixit

The company began with the production of skin care cosmetics, and later launched a line of decorative products. Today Mixit offers masks, creams, serums, highlighters and scrubs based on natural ingredients. There are separate series — for example, to protect from the sun and give the skin a slight shimmer.


12. Alerana

Russian brand of pharmacy hair cosmetics with clinically proven effectiveness. The catalog contains both shampoos and balms for daily use, as well as products for the treatment of alopecia. Serums for hair growth based on herbal stimulants are very popular.


13. Emvy

The Emvy range is represented by basic products from three lines: for dry, normal and aging skin. The composition of many products includes an extract of the Red Data Book edelweiss, grown in the laboratory. In addition to plant components, vitamin cocktails and organic acids are used in cosmetics.


14. SmoRodina

A natural cosmetics brand from the South Urals produces products for skin and hair care. Many products are sold in sets: you can buy a course of face masks or a complex of anti-cellulite products. The range also includes a selection of solid shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels and deodorants.


15. Booster Bar

The company supports the culture of conscious consumption and creates multifunctional products. They are economically consumed and replace several products. For example, with multi-peeling, you don’t have to buy shower gels, scrubs, oils and body milk. The range of the brand also includes boosters. These are concentrated products that do not contain water — only complexes of peptides, amino acids and plant extracts.


16. Ecolatier

The brand’s range consists of several lines of vegan cosmetics based on organic ingredients. For example, the Ecolatier Urban series includes micellar shampoos and balms for hair care in a big city. And in the Ecolatier Intimate Hygiene line, you can find intimate hygiene products with lactic acid and prebiotics.


17. Alpika

Brand lines are created to solve certain skin problems. You can choose products to improve complexion, fight mimic wrinkles, eliminate itching and flaking. Products are made mainly from natural ingredients using our own scientific developments.


18. Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics

The brand offers skin care products based on glacial melt water. The composition of the products includes natural ingredients that are grown on their own farm near Krasnaya Polyana. To minimize harm to the environment, the company uses only solar energy at all stages of production, and makes packaging recyclable.


19. Charonica

The brand’s cosmetics are designed for spa body care at home. Bath salts, scrubs, butters and other products contain natural ingredients that help you relax after a hard day and take care of your skin. The company also produces scented organic wax candles in original concrete cups.


20. Hello Beauty

Until recently, the brand only produced face serums. Today, the assortment has been replenished with tonics and hand sanitizers. The products contain saturated organic oils and hyaluronic acid and do not include dyes or fragrances. Another plus is the affordable price.


21. Influence Beauty

The brand’s cosmetics attract attention with an unusual packaging design. So, oils and lip glosses are produced in tubes that look like test tubes, and highlighters and powder come in unusual triangular-shaped palettes. The range also includes shadows, mascaras, foundations and other products for creating a bright make-up.


22 OK Beauty

The brand’s catalog consists of easy-to-apply multifunctional products. So, lip pencils from OK Beauty can be used to create a contour or as a lipstick. Another universal remedy is pigment for lips and cheeks, which will replace gloss and blush.


23. Manly PRO

The company produces professional cosmetics at affordable prices. In addition to high-quality foundations, eyeliners, pencils and correctors, the brand offers brushes, sponges, applicators and other beauty accessories that will help you achieve flawless makeup.


24. Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

Kristall Minerals Cosmetics produces mineral cosmetics: powder, shadows, blush and other products. The ingredients are mixed in different proportions, which allows you to get products with different effects. For example, a matte make-up base or a shimmering shimmer for the body. The products do not contain harmful substances, do not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe.


25. Art-Visage

The company produces everything that should be in a cosmetic bag: decorative products for the face, eyes, eyebrows, lips and nails. There is also a care line and a series of sun protection products. The brand develops formulas in its own laboratory and promises the maximum color matching of cosmetics in a jar and on the skin.


26. Elian Russia

In the manufacture of cosmetics, the creators of the brand are inspired by literary images and natural resources of Russia. So there was a pink lipstick with a warm undertone, reminiscent of Lolita, and a lip gloss that sparkled like a Yakut diamond. There are also shadows, powder, concealers and other decorative products with no less poetic creation stories.


27. Dive

A brand of budget cosmetics designed to emphasize the uniqueness and natural beauty. In the catalog you can find everything you need — from makeup base to highlighters and concealers. Interestingly, there is a multifunctional face palette, which contains several products in a compact case.


28. Shik

The brand’s lines include more than 200 products, including face sculptors, primers, cream blushes and velvet shadows. There is also a large selection of all kinds of makeup brushes and care products. Each stage of the production of cosmetics is personally controlled by Natalia Shik, a professional makeup artist and founder of the brand.


29. Sergey Naumov

Another brand created by a makeup specialist. Among the brand’s bestsellers are liquid eyeshadow, false lash effect mascara and luminous fluid. The catalog also includes foundations, lipsticks and lip balms in compact aluminum jars.


30. Beautydrugs

Beautydrugs is positioned as a bold brand designed to surprise. The catalog contains shadows in unexpected shades, lip scrubs in the form of lipstick, double-ended pencils and other products for everyday makeup. In addition, the company produces lines created in collaboration with famous makeup artists and show business stars.


31. Natinco

Brand of decorative cosmetics with a caring effect. Powder, blush, shadows and other products from the brand’s lines do not clog pores and contain natural minerals, plant extracts and essential oils as fragrances.

32. Lic

Professional cosmetics are developed with the participation of makeup artists. Particular attention is paid to the quality of finished products — before being sent to stores, each batch is checked manually. The range of the brand includes shadows and eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, blush, foundation and all kinds of beauty accessories.


33. Estrade

In the catalog you can find solutions for different cases. There are both cosmetics for a barely noticeable natural make-up, and products with which you can create a bright make-up that attracts attention. The products are not tested on animals and are affordable.


34. T.F. Cosmetics

The brand offers inexpensive cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and nails. Many decorative products contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. The catalog also contains makeup brushes that do not use animal lint.


35. Just Makeup

The company produces a full range of professional makeup products. In addition to cosmetics, the assortment includes sets of brushes and convenient tubes and cases for storing beauty accessories.


The brand develops cosmetics in accordance with ethical and environmental standards. The products are not tested on animals and the packaging uses biodegradable materials. The target audience is teenagers and representatives of the younger generation. Therefore, the assortment includes a lot of products of bright colors in bottles with a cheerful design.


37. Shades of You

The business card of the brand is a line for eyebrows. It includes mascara, gel and even lipstick. The company also produces products for the face, including multifunctional ones. For example, Shades of You tint can be used to make up lips, cheeks and eyes.

38. Russian Beauty Guru

The Russian Beauty Guru project brings together young Russian makeup experts who produce their own beauty products. The first author’s line of the brand was «Black Moscow» with the bestseller — mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret from the founder of the project Natalia Rakoch. The RBG catalog also includes lipsticks and lip balms, foundations, eyeliners and other cosmetics.


39. Krygina Cosmetics

The brand produces multifunctional products that are easily combined with each other and perform different tasks. So, the powder from Krygina Cosmetics will replace the primer and makeup fixative, and the glitter can be used for eye and lip makeup. Another interesting product is Concrit. It is a versatile creamy pigment that can be used as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara or blush.


40. Gemlight

Brand of decorative cosmetics with light textures and natural composition. Foundations, concealers, highlighters and other products are made from simple ingredients: natural oils, minerals and wax.

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