1. With one cable

The compact dryer consists of two parts, which are attached to the wall using complete self-tapping screws. A nylon rope 2.8 meters long extends from the body. The dryer is made of stainless steel and is suitable for installation in the bathroom and other areas with high humidity. The goods are delivered from a warehouse in Russia.

Price: 552 rubles.


2. With two cables

This dryer will hold more clothes than the previous model. Instead of ropes, it uses two 4.2-meter steel cables that can withstand weights up to 15 kg. All necessary fasteners are included in the kit.

When ordering, you can choose the option of black, gold, silver, pink or white. Product size: 24 × 8.8 × 5.7 cm.

Price: from 1,638 rubles.


3. With swivel mechanism

The body of the dryer rotates 180°. This will allow you to install the retractable tape perpendicular or parallel to the wall. In the second case, drying things will take up a minimum of space.

The product is designed for weight up to 20 kg. On a tape 4.2 m long, holes are provided for clothes hung on a coat hanger. Hooks, glue and self-tapping screws are included for wall mounting. Dryer size: 13.5×10 cm.

Price: 1 340 rubles.


4. With folding mechanism

The model with five crossbars will replace a 3 meter clothesline. The device folds like an accordion and does not clutter up the room. The dryer is completely made of metal and can withstand weight up to 10 kg. Unfolded size: 61 × 45 cm.

Price: 856 rubles.


5. With hanger loops

The metal model is suitable for drying and storing clothes. Available in different lengths with one, two or three folding sections and hanger loops. At the end of each bar there is a retractable rail that increases the useful space of the dryer. Available in black and white colors.

Price: from 1,052 rubles.


6. With clothespins

On this dryer it will be convenient to hang small things like socks and underwear. She has three folding crossbars, which are removed by pressing a button. The model will please you with a simple installation on adhesive tape — you do not have to drill the wall for installation.

The dryer is made of durable plastic. Removable clothespins are attached to the crossbars with hooks. Model size: 36.5 × 30 cm. Available in two colors.

Price: from 1,207 rubles.


7. With crossbar and strings

The 103.5 cm long dryer will be useful even when folded — you can hang shower towels on the metal bar. Under the folding side flaps are retractable slats with eight steel strings. This is enough to place things after one standard load of the washing machine.

Price: 4 230 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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