1. Pencil stain remover Meine Liebe

Hypoallergenic stain remover for children’s colored and white items. Does not contain chlorine and phosphates, completely washed off clothes with water. The description indicates that the pencil effectively copes with stains from fruits, berries, vegetable puree, herbs and even greens.

It is not difficult to use the product: you need to rub it on the wetted area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe clothing, grind into foam and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then the item should be washed by hand or in a typewriter. Suitable for natural and synthetic fabrics.

Price: 248 rubles.


2. Gel stain remover Salton CleanTech

With the help of the gel, it will be possible to tidy up clothes with traces of sweat and deodorant. The tool copes equally well with both yellow and white spots, which are difficult to remove in the usual way.

The stain remover must be applied to the outer and wrong side of the clothing and left for half an hour. Then rinse with water and wash by hand or machine. For old stains, the treatment time should be doubled.

It is convenient that the bottle has a brush, thanks to which the product is easy to apply and economically consumed. You can use the gel with natural and synthetic fabrics of any color. Volume — 120 ml.

Price: 320 rubles.


3. Flemic Stain Spray

All-purpose cleaner removes grease, blood, paint, sweat, wine and other difficult stains. It is suitable for all types of colored and white fabrics, as well as furniture upholstery — spilled wine on the sofa will no longer be a problem.

The spray should be applied to clothes before washing, foamed with a brush and rinsed with water after 10-15 seconds. Difficult pollution needs to be processed longer — 15-30 minutes. When removing stains from furniture upholstery, the remnants of the product must be carefully removed with a damp cloth. The volume of the bottle is 100 ml.

Price: 299 rubles.


4. Roller stain remover Dr. Beckmann

Stain remover Dr. Beckmann in the form of a roller applicator is suitable for travel. Its volume is small — 75 ml. Another plus is that after applying the product, clothes do not have to be washed. It is enough to clean the treated area with a damp cloth to remove soap residue.

Universal tool: will cope with complex stains of various origins on synthetic and natural fabrics of any color.

Price: 240 rubles.


5. Stain remover pen MOREi

The method of using this stain remover is the same as the previous one: you do not have to wash clothes after applying the product. The compact package can be stored in a pocket, bag or desk drawer at work to quickly remove a coffee or ink stain from a shirt. The description states that the product will also cope with traces of fruit, lipstick and red wine on colored and white fabrics of any type.

Price: 281 rubles.


6. Lion stain remover

A useful purchase for those who often wear white shirts. The tool is intended for processing collars and cuffs — they lose their original appearance the fastest.

The stain remover is applied to problem areas 5-10 minutes before washing. It is not necessary to wash it off. The product is also suitable for removing dirt from white shoes in the same way as from clothing. The volume of the bottle is 220 ml.

The type of fabrics for which the stain remover is suitable is not indicated in the description. There is also no information on whether the product can be used on colored clothes.

Price: 449 rubles.


7. Gel stain remover Sodasan

The gel is made from natural ingredients and is suitable for all types of colored and white fabrics. The main active ingredient is a soap based on vegetable and organic oils.

It will remove chocolate, blood, grass and fruit stains without damaging the fabric or leaving streaks. It is applied to clothes 10-15 minutes before hand or machine washing. Volume — 200 ml.

Price: 478 rubles.


8. Gel stain remover Etamine Du Lys

The concentrated gel will help remove grease and oil stains from all types of colored and white fabrics. The product should be applied for a few minutes, then without rinsing, wash the item by hand or in a typewriter. The stain remover works at a temperature of 30 °C.

Etamine Du Lys is claimed to be environmentally friendly. It contains only plant and mineral components that are safe for people and the environment. Packing volume — 150 ml.

Price: 674 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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