1. Amedia library

  • Price: subscription — from 599 rubles per month; series rental — from 399 rubles for 60 days.

Service of the film company «Amedia», which allows you to watch series of its own production, as well as leading foreign studios: HBO, FOX, CBS, BBC Worldwide and others. The premieres take place at about the same time with the whole world, and the episodes are available with original and Russian voice acting. Those who wish can also turn on subtitles.

In addition to the beloved «Game of Thrones», «Sherlock», «Westworld» and other series, users are offered various feature and documentary films, as well as concerts of world celebrities. All this is available from a computer, Smart TV and mobile devices.

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2. ivi

  • Price: free with ads; subscription — from 99 rubles per month; purchase and rental of individual films — from 99 rubles.

One of the most popular online cinemas, many films of which are available for free. You don’t even need to register to view it, you just have to watch a few commercials. You can watch videos from a computer, Smart TV or mobile device.

The service offers thousands of films and cartoons, many series, TV shows and TV channels. The site has detailed information about available and unreleased tapes, trailers of new products are constantly appearing. Convenient navigation by genre and indication of related pictures will allow you to quickly find the right video. You can also make lists of favorites, write reviews and reviews.

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3. KinoPoisk

  • Price: from 199 rubles per month; purchase of individual films — from 99 rubles.

One of the largest Russian online cinemas with thousands of films and series in its catalog. Some foreign projects are available in original languages ​​with subtitles, for the rest there is Russian voice acting.

KinoPoisk works only as part of the Yandex Plus set. The basic tariff will cost 199 rubles per month. There are also combined offers with the more.tv service catalog for 399 rubles per month and Plus with Amediateka for 699 rubles per month. For some films, you will have to pay extra separately even if you have a subscription.

The KinoPoisk application works on TVs, smartphones, PCs and game consoles. You can run content in Full HD and 4K — it depends on the device.

Now you can get 60 days of free access with a promo code C52EJQS5WU.

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  • Price: free with ads; subscription — 299 rubles per month.

This service offers a large number of Russian-language films and series. There is content from more.tv’s own production, as well as from STS, VGTRK and the National Media Group. The catalog is regularly updated with foreign projects. In addition, cartoons, shows and TV channels are available. Some offers can be watched for free with ads.

The service works on TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

If you want to get acquainted with the service, but do not want to pay for it, use the promo code G0424 and get 50 days free trial.

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  • Price: from 299 rubles per month.

The service specializes in Russian films and series, but foreign novelties can also be found here. Most of the content is in Russian or dubbed. Start offers projects of its own production, among the popular ones are “Kept women”, “Karamora”, “Storm”. For children there are cartoons and educational programs. All content is available under a general subscription, you will not have to pay extra for anything.

Start works through a browser on PC, mobile devices and Smart TV.

By promo code sg20437 you can get 30 days subscription for free.

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6. Okko

  • Price: free with ads; subscription — from 199 rubles per month.

Most of the content of this online cinema is paid, but you can watch a collection of Soviet films and cartoons for free with ads. Okko offers several subscription options: basic with movies and series, extended with catalogs of other services, and premium with live sports broadcasts.

When using the service on Smart TV, some of the content will be available in 4K quality with 5.1 surround sound. You can watch videos through a PC web browser, from mobile devices, and through the Sony PlayStation console.

With a promo code 41597552 you can subscribe to the «Optimum» subscription for 35 days for 1 ruble.

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  • Price: subscription — from 199 rubles per month.

Online cinema from Rostelecom. A subscription to the service can be offered together with the company’s service package. The Wink catalog contains thousands of Russian and foreign films, cartoons and children’s programs, sports broadcasts, and audio books. There is a section with free movies that you can watch with ads.

About three hundred TV channels operate by subscription. Content from Amediateka, more.tv and Start is available. The Wink app can be installed on Smart TVs, smartphones and PCs.

To get acquainted with the service, get 60 days of free access with a promo code GB10417.

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8 Premier

  • Price: free with ads; subscription from 99 rubles per month.

Service with a large collection of Russian TV series, films and shows. Premier releases projects of its own production like «Epidemic». Also on the site you can watch cartoons, educational programs, documentaries and Soviet classics. Foreign tapes are also here, but in smaller quantities.

In addition, there is a section with sports broadcasts and TV channels. Some of the content is available for free — it can be viewed with ads. Premier works on TVs, PCs and mobile devices.

Thanks to the promo code lp590p6x you will get 33 free days of subscription.

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This article was first published in March 2018. In May 2022, we updated the text.

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