On International Friendship Day, LitRes is giving a 20% discount on the entire catalog, as well as a free book from the list. The promotion is valid for one purchase of any number of printed or audio books within two days after activation. You can use the offer until August 14th.

The promotional selection includes love, children’s and motivational prose. You can add one of the works to your collection using the «Take for yourself» button. In addition to the gift, it is worth buying interesting works at a discount. For example, the non-standard autobiography of actor Matthew McConaughey.

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In Green Light, McConaughey offers stories from his life in the form of an edifying conversation. The author talks about failures and successes — important moments that influenced him to one degree or another. The actor conveys to the reader his discoveries, which he came to over the course of decades.

Having become a star of romantic comedies, he wanted to change his fate and realize himself in a more serious dramatic direction. McConaughey talks about what was behind this and other important decisions, as well as the price he had to pay for it.

Matthew describes how he changed law school to film school, lived in a car trailer for several years and traveled between film sets, how he was able to earn the respect of his father in his extraordinary family in all respects.

Through interesting reflections and vivid memories, McConaughey shows by example how to reduce stress, how to interact with people without hurting them, how not to be offended, how to set goals for yourself and be yourself without lying.

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