After preparing this selection, we envy the children with renewed vigor. After all, they managed to come up with so many things for them: felt hedgehogs, doll houses, huts, dresses with nesting dolls! But in fact, we found a lot of useful things. For example, diapers from local manufacturers, colic heating pads and a variety of skin care products. So, we are talking about Russian brands with children’s goods.


Little Acorns

Where could I buy: Little Acorns

A brand of basic children’s clothing from St. Petersburg, founded in 2015. The creators wanted to make clothes that would be suitable for the capricious weather of the city. It is as simple as possible, does not hinder movement, while bright colors and unusual details. You can find cardigans, jumpsuits, jackets, trousers and dresses for toddlers and older children. All things are designed and sewn at a small St. Petersburg factory.


Where could I buy: Loomknits, Yandex Market, Lamoda

Loom knits is a brand of children’s clothing and accessories from 0 to 4 years old. For manufacturing, hypoallergenic materials (cotton, merino) and accessories are used. Things are knitted and sewn at their own factory in Orel. The brand produces baby sets, envelopes, cocoons, hats, clothes and accessories for mothers and older children. Production waste is sent for recycling.


Where could I buy: Sela, Lamoda, Wildberries

Sela positions itself as a lifestyle brand for moms. The site has a large collection of clothes for boys and girls from 2 to 12 years old. Here you can find interesting basic models and bright kits. Sela creates a mom-friendly community on the site. In the blog you can read about the features of education, here they support working mothers. The brand is involved in charitable initiatives.

Gloria Jeans

Where could I buy: Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans presents itself as a family brand. The catalog contains things for newborns, children and teenagers. For kids there are overalls, bodysuits and ready-made kits. Gloria Jeans brand supports charity. In 2003, the company founded the Foundation named after the Holy Great Martyr Anastasia the Patterner. He helps people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.


Where could I buy: CoCoBee

Krasnodar baby clothing brand founded in 2015. Initially, the brand created envelopes for newborns, which became an alternative to classic swaddling. Today in the catalog you can find blankets, warm suits, long sleeves, bodysuits, hats. There are also accessories: snoods for feeding, booties, diapers.


Where could I buy: Crockid, Yandex Market, Wildberries

The company has been manufacturing clothes for over 20 years. Here you can find clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old. The brand has its own design and engineering bureau, new collections are released twice a year. For newborns, clothes are made from 100% Uzbek cotton. The site says that clothes for children are created taking into account Russian weather conditions. For warm clothing, modern lightweight insulation is chosen, and the top layer of the membrane protects against wind and moisture.


Where could I buy: LOLOCLO, Ozon, Wildberries

Brand of basic clothing for children from 0 to 14 years old. Its founders Yana Becker and Yulia Terentyeva believe that children’s products do not have to be overly decorated. The brand has its own production. Clothing is simple and practical. There are no unnecessary applications, rhinestones and drawings. Things are monophonic, with bright colors. However, nothing prevents you from buying here for the baby her first little black dress.


Where could I buy: Holvin

Colorful clothes for kids with all kinds of prints. In this store you can find leopards, sloths, parrots, dolls. And it’s all on clothes. The brand was founded in 2019 by illustrator Olga Platkina. All things are sewn from breathable fabrics in the brand’s own production.


Where could I buy: ko-ko-ko

Petersburg brand of children’s clothing and accessories, founded in 2009. Here you will find comfortable and concise clothes in a variety of colors. The brand also has a line of adult clothing, so you can assemble a full-fledged family look if you wish.


Where could I buy: TWINKLESTORIES, Ozon

A small Moscow brand founded by Maria Zaitseva. Creates clothes and shoes for children. Clothes are made from cotton. Basically, these are minimalist sundresses, shirts, panties. There is a small line of outerwear and accessories: kerchiefs, bows, panamas and hats.



Where could I buy: Kotofey, Lamoda, Ozon, AliExpress

The brand has its own production in Syzran, Zaraysk, Kursk and Yegorievsk. The catalog includes shoes for toddlers and older children. There is literally everything: shoes, sneakers, boots, shoes for school and much more.


Where could I buy: Kapika, Ozon, Wildberries, Lamoda

Russian brand of children’s clothing and footwear. Shoes are sewn at factories in Italy, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, China. Modern materials and technologies are used in production: antibacterial insoles, breathable membranes, high-tech textiles, and so on. The catalog has all the necessary children’s shoes from shoes and sneakers to puffy boots and Czech shoes.


Where could I buy: Ozon, Lamoda, Wildberries

The brand is based in St. Petersburg. He has his own production and a team of Russian designers and artists. Almost every pair of brand shoes is a riot of colors and patterns. You can even find glowing sneakers and models with your favorite cartoon characters. At the same time, the shoes, according to the manufacturer, are not only bright, but also very comfortable.


Where could I buy: Zenden, Wildberries, Ozon

The company was founded in 1997 by Andrey Pavlov. Production is located in China, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus. Here you can find casual seasonal shoes for teenagers and younger children.


Where could I buy: RALF RINGER, Lamoda, Ozon, Yandex Market

The brand has existed since 1996. Ralf Ringer shoes are made at three Russian factories: in Moscow, Vladimir and Zaraysk. In the catalog you can find children’s and teenage shoes for any season. Sizes from 30 to 38.


Where could I buy: Lamoda, Ozon, Yandex Market

The Russian brand was founded in 2011. The shoes are made in China. The catalog contains shoes for children and teenagers: sneakers, sandals, shoes, sneakers.



Where could I buy: Ovechkinson

A small workshop from Kostroma. The creator of the brand Zhenya Na creates toys for mobiles in the form of animals. It all started with sheep, hence the name. Now, in addition to them, the catalog contains pigs, goats, donkeys, horses, chickens. Toys are sold separately, you can assemble a mobile from different colors and animals. Products are sewn so that the child can play with them when they grow up.


Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market

Family toy factory from the Novgorod region. Has been in existence for over 20 years. Here sew toys for children from 0 to 5 years. There are developing rugs, plush toys, soft cubes. Of the interesting things in the catalog, you can find warm-ups — special pads to help children with colic. The brand also has collaborations with Russian cartoons «Kids» and «Three Cats».


Where could I buy: Mobilion

Brand of author’s toys from Nizhny Novgorod. Products from felt and natural materials. Here you can find mobiles in the crib, teethers, educational toys. They are made in the form of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and also in the form of forest animals. For mobiles, you can additionally buy holders that are attached to the crib.

Kotovskie tumblers

Where could I buy: Yandex.Market, Ozon

Yes, there are only tumblers here. The brand from the city of Kotovsk has been creating exclusively tumblers for ten years. There are those that we remember from childhood: a black-haired girl in a red suit. And there are tumblers in the form of animals: frogs, leopards, squirrels. For the production of toys, PVC food film is used, which meets quality standards, as well as safe paints. Products are fully certified.


Where could I buy: Tomik, Yandex Market, Ozon, Wildberries

Factory of wooden toys from Tomsk. It has existed for more than 20 years, and during this time more than 100 children’s products have been invented here. To create and manufacture toys, they use their own design, as well as their own technology for processing and painting wood. In the brand’s catalog you can find toys for every taste: puzzles, construction sets, board games, puzzles and even puppet theaters based on famous fairy tales.

Lenny crafts

Where could I buy: Lenny crafts

Craftsmen create soft toys and decor items by hand. The production uses natural certified fabrics and accessories, as well as real wood. There are rattles in the form of elephants, horses and giraffes, dolls with a cute name Kulema, as well as mermaids, whales, jellyfish and hedgehogs.

Rainbow Grez

Where could I buy: Raduga Grez, Ozon, Golden Apple

The brand creates toys in Russia, manually and in small batches. For the manufacture of natural wood, purchased from a responsible manufacturer. The toys are covered with water-based paint that retains the original wood pattern. The catalog contains cars, nesting dolls, pyramids, cubes, designers and much more.


Where could I buy: Kotok

The brand creates wooden toys and decor items. Working on sketches, designers are inspired by innovatory artists of the past. And the products themselves are created by an artel of craftsmen from the Nizhny Novgorod region. The toy-turning industry has been known there since the 19th century. Toys are made by hand. The catalog contains whistles, tumblers, pyramids, skittles, spinning tops.


Where could I buy: TATEPLOTA, Ozon

Family workshop of wooden toys from Ryazan. Here you can find a wide variety of products: cars, sets of cubes, pyramids, mosaics. There is a set of toy dishes, also made of wood. It includes cups, glasses, all kinds of saucepans, spatulas and cutlery. And there is furniture for dolls and even a small house with a stove.


children's goods: Umka


Where could I buy: Ozon, Yandex Market, L’Etoile

A brand with all the necessary children’s products. It produces cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene products for newborns. Including diapers.

children's line Levrana


Where could I buy: Levrana, Ozon, Golden Apple, Yandex Market

Petersburg brand of natural cosmetics. It produces all the necessary care cosmetics for children: shampoos, gels, creams. Also in the catalog is a line of children’s decorative cosmetics. It includes eye shadow, highlighter, lip gloss, face toner.

baby products: ECOLATIER baby
cosmetics Our Mom

Our mother

Where could I buy: Our Mom, L’Etoile, Ozon, Yandex Market, Wildberries

The brand has been producing baby care products for newborns for more than 20 years. It is hypoallergenic and based on herbal ingredients. Cosmetics are divided into two lines: for the care of normal and sensitive skin.

baby products: eared nanny

eared babysitter

Where could I buy: Yandex Market, Ozon, Podruzhka, Wildberries

Produces children’s care cosmetics. In particular, the brand is distinguished by children’s laundry products. In his catalog there are powders, gels, soaps, conditioners and stain removers designed specifically for children’s clothing and underwear.

children's cosmetics Little Siberica

Little Siberica

Where could I buy: Ozon, Golden Apple, Podruzhka, Yandex Market

Organic cosmetics Natura Siberica uses Siberian herbs and taiga plants in its compositions. Little Siberica and Siberica Biberika are the brand’s children’s skincare lines. They include shampoos, gels, creams, balms and powders.

children's goods: My Sunshine

My Sunshine

Where could I buy: Ozon, L’Etoile, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Golden Apple

The brand creates cosmetics for newborns and children. The products use natural ingredients: extracts of chamomile, string, calendula, aloe, avocado oil, jojoba, sea buckthorn, vitamins A, E, panthenol (B5).

cosmetics sun and moon

Sun and moon

Where could I buy: L’Etoile, Golden Apple, Ozon, Yandex Market

Brand of skin care cosmetics for babies and older children. Produces shampoos, shower gels, soaps, foams, creams, wipes. There are also cotton swabs, pads and disposable panties.

baby products: Mepsi


Where could I buy: Ozon, Yandex Market, L’Etoile, Wildberries

Brand of children’s goods, founded in 2010. Initially produced disposable diapers. Today there are more than 120 items in the catalog: napkins, diapers, washing and washing gels, rattles, pacifiers, nipples and much more. The brand has an environmental certificate, which proves that the products do not contain substances that harm humans and the environment.


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