When reading scientific literature, working papers, or works of fiction, it is useful to note important points. This makes it easier to absorb new information, make a list of ideas, or compile a summary of the chapters you read.

The Desklamp service contains tools for working with PDF documents. The application can be installed on Windows or used in a browser. With it, it is easy to make stickers with signatures, mark text on pages and write out information in a separate field with markup.

To get started, you need to register an account. Next, you will be taken to a page with a list of available documents, tags, and files open for sharing. Upload the desired book in PDF format via the Upload New button and start reading.

The main window with an open file is divided into two main areas: document pages and a large note-taking field, which can be minimized at any time with the arrow button.

The vertical menu on the left contains several tools that allow you to cut out pieces of text, highlight lines in different colors, place collapsible stickers with signatures, add bookmarks, and highlight pages with colored rectangles. There is also a search by words and a button to go to the previous bookmark.

The note pane provides a basic set of text formatting tools. You can make lists and add links to web pages. Parts cut from the pages in the form of images are also inserted here. All bookmarks are also displayed here for quick navigation to important parts of the document.

Using the Share button by email address, you can invite colleagues or classmates to jointly review the text and collect new ideas. Next to the Share button, there is a switch that allows you to view, in addition to notes, all cut sections of pages, as well as a list of all signatures and added stickers. This makes it easier to keep track of what you should pay attention to in the document.

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