Google developers listened to the complaints of users who were unhappy with the search for quoted text. Previously, when specifying a query in quotation marks, pages often appeared in the search results, the description of which did not make it possible to understand whether there were searched words and in what context they were. I had to open each site and check manually. Now the search has become smarter.

Image: Google

Now the results will display exactly those fragments of pages where the text or phrase that the user enclosed in quotation marks is found. The quoted query itself will be highlighted in bold. The exception is the description of recipes or video boxes, as well as search by pictures or news.

The developers note that this innovation will allow you to immediately understand whether the found link is suitable, and where exactly to look for the occurrence of the given words. But it is worth remembering that the search in quotes looks for an exact match and does not take into account closely related and cognate words, so if you did not find the material you need, you should try the same query without quotes.

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