Of course, we understand that it is impossible to completely replace H&M. And yet the Swedish brand is leaving and definitely won’t be back anytime soon. So, we have to look for an alternative to him. We collected five Russian brands that came closest to the H&M style and its price tag.


how to replace h&m: Sela
T-shirt, 1 299 rubles
Sela dress
Dress, 3 599 rubles
how to replace h&m: Sela
Set, 2 199 rubles

Where could I buy: SELA, Lamoda, Yandex Market

Russian lifestyle clothing brand. Basic dresses, t-shirts and trousers, office wear, collaborations with brands — everything is a check. There is also a section with sports kits. It’s small but you can find tops, bike shorts and leggings for a decent price. Sela also has a section with lingerie, where there are mainly basic pitted models and seamless sets. There is a large department of children’s clothing from 2 to 12 years. And of course, socks with funny prints, where would we be without them.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans suit
Suit, 5 498 rubles
how to replace h&m: Gloria Jeans
Dress, 2 299 rubles
Gloria Jeans jeans
Jeans, 2 799 rubles

Where could I buy: Gloria Jeans

Firstly, jeans of various shapes and colors within 3,000 rubles. Secondly, a bunch of basic and not so clothes for every day. In addition to casual wear, there is sportswear, beachwear. You can also buy underwear. The collection is small, but mostly basic models without pits and push-ups. The brand also sells clothes for children, including newborns. From the additional — a department with all sorts of small things: sleep masks, headphones, accessories for smartphones and much more.


how to replace h&m: Zarina
Dress, 3 599 rubles
Zarina denim skirt
Skirt, 2,999 rubles
how to replace h&m: Zarina
Vest, 3,599 rubles

Where could I buy: Zarina, Wildberries, Lamoda

This brand has models that are reminiscent of the business and minimalistic H&M collections. Finding things for the office wardrobe is not difficult at all. In addition to the main clothing collection, Zarina has knitted underwear, swimwear, bags, and accessories. Also here you will find a large collection of outerwear — from demi-season leather jackets to winter down jackets.


O'stin costume
Suit, 3 498 rubles
how to replace h&m: O'stin
Shirt, 1,599 rubles
O'stin skirt
Skirt, 1,999 rubles

Where could I buy: O’stin, Wildberries, Lamoda

O’stin rarely has creative designs, but casual wear in simple shapes and colors is plentiful. There is also a good base: jeans, T-shirts, turtlenecks, skirts and so on. In addition, a small collection of basic underwear, socks, tights and accessories. There are clothes not only for adults, but also for children from 2 to 14 years old.


how to replace h&m: Incity
Dress, 2 999 rubles
Jumper polo, 2 599 rubles
how to replace h&m: Incity
Cotton set, 5 598 rubles

Where could I buy: Incity, Wildberries, Lamoda

In the brand’s catalog it is convenient to look at the composition of the product — it is written immediately under the photo of the model. And to his credit, it is worth saying that a lot of clothes are made of 100% cotton, including jeans. In second place in popularity is viscose. In the catalog you can find some trendy models, although the bet is made on more timeless casual clothes. There is a lingerie department, mostly there are lace sets and bras with cups and bones. You can also find swimwear and home clothes.


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