1. Bed linen

Cotton plain sheets and duvet covers without decor, as well as sets with large bright prints, have selected high-quality options to replace IKEA ones. Do not forget about the bedding made of coarse calico — a dense fabric that retains its original appearance for a long time after numerous washes.

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2. Kitchen towels

Another popular product from the section with home textiles. To ensure that kitchen towels absorb moisture well and do not lose their appearance after washing at high temperatures, choose cotton products. Often, linen can be found in the composition of the fabric — it is added for strength. We have collected minimalistic options without floral patterns, cute cats and other catchy decor.

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3. Shelving

Laconic racks with square shelves are good because they fit into almost any interior. They are suitable for the living room, nursery or kitchen. It is convenient that you can create a storage system of the desired size from such furniture if you combine several modules.

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4. Coffee tables

Small square or rectangular tables with an extra shelf will hold a lot of little things that should be at hand in the living room. They can also be used instead of a TV stand in small apartments. Not so practical, but also a popular option — a table with three legs in retro style.

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5. Chairs

Massive chairs made of untreated wood are a real find for lovers of everything natural. They look like they were made by hand in a small carpentry workshop, and not in a furniture factory. Two more popular options are white wooden chairs for a classic-style interior and versatile models with thin legs with plastic seats.

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6. Plates and mugs

Like furniture, Swedish brand dishes are often chosen because of their laconic design. The advantages of mugs and plates without a pattern is that you can always buy the desired item and assemble a large service in the same style for any number of people.

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7. Faceted glasses

Laconic models, reminiscent of Soviet faceted glasses, are suitable for daily use. Products with bizarre patterns will help to beautifully set the table for the arrival of guests. Gathered options at an affordable price.

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8. Containers for bulk products

While it can take a long time to find cups without a floral pattern or inscriptions, things are better with containers for bulk products. Containers made of durable transparent plastic, in which it is convenient to store flour and cereals, are sold in many stores, as well as on AliExpress. Models with convenient dispensers are also available.

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  • Container for bulk products with a volume of 2.1 l, 852 rubles →
  • Container with a volume of 2.1 l with a vacuum lid, 541 rubles →
  • Container with a volume of 2 l, 861 rubles →
  • 1.4 l container with a vacuum lid, 502 rubles →
  • 1 liter container, 691 rubles →
  • 1 liter container with a bright green lid, 381 rubles →
  • Container for bulk products with a volume of 1 l with a dispenser, 466 rubles →
  • Containers for bulk products with latches from AliExpress, from 184 rubles →

Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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