Hisense laser TV is a great solution for cinephiles, gamers, sports fans and anyone who cares about a truly top-quality picture quality. Hisense 100L5G with 4K Ultra HD resolution will allow you to turn any room in the apartment into a hall for watching movies or tournaments — and this does not require much time and effort. The kit includes a projector and a 100-inch screen. To set up the Hisense 100L5G TV and get it ready for use, you need to fix the screen on the wall and place a projector under it, which transmits the image to the display.

More than 1,300 patented technologies have been used in the creation of the device — Hisense 100L5G takes movie viewing to a whole new level. For example, the projector’s ultra-short-throw lens delivers highly accurate color reproduction, while Wide Color Gamut technology refines hues to create bright, vibrant images. There is no need to dim the lights before viewing: the Hisense 100L5G screen has an ambient light protection function. With ALR laser technology, the picture will not lose saturation even on a sunny day, and the light reflected by the screen will not create unnecessary strain on the eyes.

MEMC technology helps to improve the smoothness and clarity of motion reproduction by 10 times compared to OLED TVs. The Hisense 100L5G has a Dolby Atmos speaker system with automatic volume equalization for high-quality sound. The speakers are located on the sides of the projector body so you can feel like you are right in the middle of the action on the screen.

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Extra wires will not interfere — only the projector needs to be connected to the network. By the way, it consumes only 350 watts — for LCD TVs with a large diagonal, this figure is higher. The manufacturer claims a laser life of 25,000 hours, compared to traditional projector lamps that can be rated for 6,500 hours. A simple Smart TV interface will help you manage the device. The projector is equipped with USB and HDMI connectors: you can connect a set-top box for cable TV, a game console or a sound system to the Hisense 100L5G TV, and the built-in TV tuner is capable of receiving and processing a television signal.

You can buy a Hisense 100L5G TV in M.Video and Eldorado stores.

Price: 349,999 rubles.

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