1. Turtlenecks

Most schools now have a uniform uniform. If there are no strict regulations, then it is still recommended to dress in a business style. You can complement a classic suit not only with a shirt or blouse, but also with a turtleneck.

When buying, you should give preference to models of soft shades like beige, gray, blue, pink and the like, without prints and other decorations. You also need to pay attention to the material. Turtlenecks made of cotton and knitwear are suitable for the autumn-spring period — they will not be hot in them. For the winter, choose cashmere or wool.

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2. Blouses and shirts

A blouse or shirt is considered a festive option and is mostly worn at events like lines and concerts. For every day, it is worth having a couple of interchangeable options in other colors or with small patterns like peas. If you want to diversify discreet classic models with something more original, look at products with unusual collars, cuffs or buttons.

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3. Cardigans and vests

In winter, cardigans can easily replace jackets: they will give warmth, but at the same time they will not allow you to go beyond the permissible dress code. In addition to warmth, vests will also give freedom of movement — this is just what a child needs during changes.

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4. Tracksuits

For the winter, you should choose suits with trousers and an olympic shirt, for the beginning of autumn and the end of spring — sets of shorts and T-shirts. Clothing should be tight enough so as not to distract the child from active activities. Make sure that the elastic bands and other parts do not sting: this will bring discomfort.

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5. T-shirts

T-shirts with short sleeves will also be needed during physical education. Cotton products are hypoallergenic and allow the skin to breathe. Models with the addition of synthetic fibers or completely from this material stretch better and do not lose their attractive appearance longer.

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6. Shoes

It’s not about seasonal, but about interchangeable shoes and sneakers. As a second pair, boys are suitable for shoes, girls — shoes or ballet flats. When buying, you should focus on the material, the convenience of landing on the leg, the fastener and the appearance.

Patent leather shoes and boots look more interesting than the usual matte models, but are more likely to get scratched and lose their appearance after catching up at recess. Shoes with zippers can be put on much faster than a pair with laces.

The requirements for shoes are the same. They should not dangle or compress the legs strongly, plus there will be shock-absorbing inserts to soften the blows. If you find a pair with elastic lacing that doesn’t need to be tied every time, don’t miss it.

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7. Tights and socks

In the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the new school year, it’s easy to forget the little things like socks and tights. For warmer seasons, choose cotton models with the addition of elastane or polyamide for a snug fit and ductility. Woolen options will protect children even in severe frosts.

What to buy

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