There are a lot of ambient melodies, as well as sounds that are used as a background during meditation: from raindrops to digital noises. RonRon suggests cat purrs instead. Why not? Especially if you do not have a pet or he does not want to purr.

This mobile app has been running on all Apple smartphones since the iPhone 8 and is a pretty believable purr simulator. Realism is achieved not only by high-quality audio recording, but also by vibration using the Haptic Engine in the gadget.

To start a meditation or relaxation session, you just need to set the time by rotating the ring on the screen, and then press Start. The selected cat will immediately begin its work. And if you put your smartphone on your chest and close your eyes, it seems that there is a real animal nearby.

In the settings, you can change such purring parameters as vibration intensity, tone and speed of the soundtrack. It is also possible to disable the pulsation of the cat animation on the screen.

One pet is available for free in RonRon, but for 279 rubles you can unlock the Pro version with four additional cats, which differ not only in appearance, but also purr differently.

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