Although the boom in mobile services caused by quarantine measures has long passed, the use of smartphones by consumers continues to grow. Users in more than a dozen global markets are now spending four to five hours a day on apps, according to new data released by data.ai (formerly App Annie) analysts.

According to recent statistics, users in Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey, the USA and the UK spend more than four hours a day on their gadgets. And in Indonesia, Singapore and Brazil — more than five hours.

Data: data.ai

In most countries, there is an increase in the duration of use of smartphones. This also applies to Russia, where experts record an increase of 10%. And there is an explanation for this. In many cases, the pandemic may have led to a change in user behavior patterns that persisted after the lockdown was lifted in 2022.

The data.ai report also includes the most popular apps and games for the second quarter. For example, Instagram* ranked first in the world in terms of downloads, and TikTok ranked first in consumer spending in terms of non-gaming apps.

Notable breakouts in the quarter included multiplayer online knockout game Stumble Guys, which climbed 23 spots, and casual game Fill The Fridge, which jumped 84 spots overall. The popularity of Pokémon GO, which launched a new season, has also increased.

*Activities of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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