Xiaomi recently organized another online hackathon dedicated to ideas that might be more useful in the future. The winner of the competition was the MiGu project — a headband with sensors that allows you to control smart home gadgets literally with the power of thought — using brain waves.

There are three sensors on the MiGu headband that can register electrical signals from the brain. The potential difference between these sensors makes it possible to read an approximate electroencephalogram (EEG) of the user.

Image: Xiaomi

Engineers explain that in different emotional states, a person produces different EEG curves, and MiGu is able to recognize and analyze them. So the headband can not only determine the signals aimed at a certain action, but also track the user’s fatigue, for example, while driving a car. In the future, this will help prevent accidents due to driver fatigue.

The MiGu headband is still in the prototyping stage, and it is not clear when it may become available to developers or users. However, experts note that this is just one of a number of similar projects that may soon enter our lives.


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