In Japan, animal wraps with fans for cooling went on sale. All because of the record heat, which affects not only people, but also pets. Reuters writes about it.

Photo: Reuters / Issei Kato

The costumes weigh quite a bit, about 80 grams. They are made of mesh fabric, and the fans are powered by a built-in battery. Designed by Rei Uzawa, head of maternity wear company Sweet Mommy.

The entrepreneur said that the creation of the cooling suit was inspired by her Chihuahua dog, which was very difficult to walk during the heat.

Photo: Reuters / Issei Kato

To date, Rei Uzawa has received more than 100 applications for ventilated clothing for cats and dogs. The cost of the costume is 9,900 yen (≈4,500 rubles).

This year, Japan experienced very little rainfall during the rainy season, which was soon followed by a long period of heat. Thus, over the past nine days, the thermometers in Tokyo have not fallen below 35°C.

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