1. High pressure washer

You can also tidy up the car body at a specialized car wash, but it’s more convenient to do it at home or in the garage with your own device. So it will be possible to clean up when needed. For example, remove dirt after a trip to nature or wash off reagents in winter.

The sink is connected to the water supply, and is also able to take water from the pool, barrel and any other container using a self-priming pump. The built-in filter will not allow dirt and solid particles to get into the hose, and therefore onto the car. The device supplies water at a pressure of 145 bar, productivity — 480 l / h.

Includes 5 m hose, spray gun, foam generator and jet wand.

Price: 9 990 rubles.


2. Nozzles for a drill

You can remove old dirt and clean small parts like disks and radiator grilles using special small nozzles. They have thick bristles, are attached to a drill or a screwdriver and turn the tool into a convenient cleaning tool. At home, such a thing is also useful to eliminate dirt on tiles and plumbing.

Price: from 185 rubles.


3. Microfiber cloths

After washing the body, it must be wiped dry so that there are no streaks left. Microfiber towels can also be used in place of a sponge, and can also be used to remove moisture in hard-to-reach places. For example, handle handles so that they do not freeze in winter when leaving the garage after washing.

Napkins are sold in sets of 3, 5 and 10 pieces. The size of each is 30 × 30 cm.

Price: from 360 rubles.


4. Brush with nozzle

A brush with a long handle and a microfiber nozzle will help to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places: between the spokes of the disks or in the radiator grille. The fabric is soft and does not leave scratches on the processed parts.

Price: from 195 rubles.


5. Headlight polish

Polish removes dirt from plastic headlights and restores their transparency. With regular use every three months, the product also prevents the reappearance of plaque and turbidity.

Before using the polish, you need to clean the headlights, shake the bottle and apply a small amount of the product to the surface to be treated. After that, polish it in a circular motion with a soft cloth. In case of severe turbidity, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure several times. In especially advanced cases, you will have to use sandpaper with a grain size of 2,000 microns instead of a napkin.

Price: 430 rubles.


6. Liquid anti-gravel

The tool is designed to treat body parts that are most susceptible to corrosion and chipping — wheel arches, bottoms, sills. It contains rubber and synthetic resins and forms an elastic multilayer protection that protects against mechanical damage due to flying stones. Liquid anti-gravel can be applied to coatings with acrylic, alkyd and water-based paint.

Price: 749 rubles.


7. Body cleaner

The spray will help put the car in order, even if it has been standing all night under a tree where pigeons like to gather. Its formula is specifically designed to remove protein stains, which also include traces of insects. Moreover, the tool will cope with both fresh and old stains.

The cleaner contains no solvents, so it is safe for any kind of surfaces and coatings. It can be used on glass, plastic and chrome parts.

The spray should be sprayed on the desired area, wait 2-3 minutes and then removed with a soft cloth. When cleaning complex parts, such as the grille, a brush may be needed.

Price: 180 rubles.


8. Anti-corrosion agent

The tool is used on wheel arches, bottom, thresholds, hidden cavities. The aerosol is applied to the surface and forms a strong protective film that protects the car from corrosion. Volume — 1 l.

Price: 647 rubles.


9. Hydrophobic coating

The spray creates a film on the car that performs several functions at once. It gives the paintwork a shine, protects it from adverse weather conditions and does not allow dirt to linger on the body and eat into it. It also hides minor scratches. The product is transparent, does not change the color of the car and does not make the surface matte. The effect lasts up to seven washes in a row, then you will need to update the treatment.

Price: 699 rubles.


10. Marker

The marker is useful for masking small scratches, chips and scuffs on the body. It is convenient and easy to use: you just need to paint over the damage, like a regular felt-tip pen. Available in the most common colors: metallic silver, white, black and red.

Price: 117 rubles.


11. Carbon fiber sticker

A film of durable carbon fiber is glued to the thresholds, bumpers and other parts of the car. Its task is to protect parts from dirt, excess water, friction and, as a result, the appearance of rust, chips and scuffs.

Sold in skeins 3 m long and 3, 5, 7 and 10 cm wide.

Price: from 96 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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