1. Set for working with alcohol ink

Creating abstract paintings using alcohol ink is a fascinating process and at the same time quite simple: even those who take up the matter for the first time will succeed. You can paint in this way a fabric canvas, a wooden tray or any other suitable surface.

The basic kit includes a 30 x 30 cm canvas, four cans of paint, a 300 ml bottle of special alcohol and instructions. There are also consumables: gloves, 10 cups and spoons for mixing paints, sticks for resin and a covering film. You will have to buy epoxy resin and hardener yourself to fill the finished painting. With a similar finish, she will retain color and will not be afraid of water.

The created work can be hung on the wall as a decoration. If you want to make trays and coasters, clocks, inscriptions and other things, wooden blanks can be bought at the link.

Price: 2,510 rubles.


2. The book «The Cure for Nerves», R. Leahy

The book is useful for those who are worried for various reasons and cannot take control of their emotions. Its author, Robert Leahy, is a Ph.D. and longtime cognitive behavioral therapist. Over the years of practice, he has developed an impressive base, which he shares in the theoretical part of the book. Leahy introduces readers to the state of anxiety and talks about the nature of this phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

The practical part contains questionnaires — they will help you recognize your own condition. General methods of dealing with feelings of anxiety are also given. In total, the author suggests going through seven steps. Each is assigned a separate chapter with exercises, illustrations from life, transcripts and other useful materials.

In addition, Leahy analyzes the experiences that periodically arise in most people: what will others think of me, am I spending too much money, what if I just get lucky at work? The author tells how to deal with them on their own.

Price: 846 rubles.


3. Home suit

The house seems almost the only place where you can completely relax. Ideally, if everything is conducive to this: both the decor and the clothes. The latter should not hinder movement, reap and be shabby.

All of these requirements are met by the women’s suit we have chosen. It consists of loose shorts and a wide, short-sleeved shirt. Bright floral print lifts the mood with one look.

For men, we have selected shorts and a T-shirt made from organic cotton.

Price: 2,519 rubles — women’s suit, 1,450 rubles — men’s.

Buy women’s suitBuy men’s suit

4. Scratch to-do list poster

Finding classes for the evening or weekend takes a lot of time and effort. With this poster, you won’t have to rack your brains over it anymore: 100 different ideas are collected here. If you sell one a week, it will last almost two years.

All the proposed options are hidden under the erasable layer and are divided into three large groups. The «easy category» includes things that can be done quickly and without the participation of other people. For example, make a snowman or make a cheesecake. The “middle category” requires a lot of effort and time. The activities here are as follows: attend a carnival, appear on television, help an animal from a shelter.

The most hardcore puzzles are in the «hard» category, although there are exceptions. Not everyone can shake hands with the president of any country, but anyone can write a list of 100 wishes.

Look also at the lists with 100 cocktails, movies, books or sex positions.

Price: 1,790 rubles.


5. A deck of metaphorical cards

Metaphorical associative cards are designed to work with the subconscious. They are decorated with various patterns, but they should not be confused with playing or fortune-telling. This is a psychological tool with which you can reflect and find the answer to an exciting question.

There are many ways to use the deck, but there is one universal one. You need to focus and think about a situation that is haunting, or ask a disturbing question. Then draw out any card, carefully examine the image and ask yourself: who or what do I see, what is happening here, how does this apply to me and my question. Step by step, you will be able to find out your real attitude and thoughts about the question asked.

Metaphorical cards are general, stylized for a specific topic, suitable for solving questions in pairs. The deck we have chosen consists of 50 cards made of thick cardboard. Each has a colorful picture with people, landscapes, animals and more. A drawing is associations and thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences of a person looking at it. Everyone interprets the image in their own way.

Price: 357 rubles.


6. Soap Making Kit

Creativity is a great way to take your mind off your worries and learn something new at the same time. Soap making is a great pastime in this regard. It will turn out to create not just something beautiful, but also useful, something that you can use every day or give to a loved one.

To work, you will need a soap base, colored pigments, fragrance and a mold for pouring. All this is in a special set. It also contains a link to video tutorials, which tells about the preparation of materials, working with the base, the intricacies of filling and other tricks. You will also need a container in which you can melt the base and mix it with other ingredients, and alcohol to spray the mold for better adhesion.

If you want to delve into soap making and create more interesting sticks of various shapes filled with dried flowers or seeds, check out the DM Soap Store on AliExpress. The choice there is huge.

Price: 2 835 rubles.


7. Paint by numbers

The huge advantage of painting by numbers is that anyone, even without drawing skills, can create a real masterpiece with their own hands. The main thing is to choose an image that you like. The process can take a long time, and every minute spent should please.

Take a closer look at this well-fed cat with an incredibly emotional muzzle. The image is printed on a canvas measuring 40 × 40 cm, 29 paints are included in the kit. This is enough to accurately convey shades, highlights and shadows. Also in the set there are all the necessary brushes for working out large and small details.

Painting by numbers has its own level of difficulty, where the first one is the easiest. The meme cat is designated the second level, but don’t let that scare you: in the reviews for the picture, many people report on the successful writing of a masterpiece.

Price: 780 rubles.


8. Kit for creating a mini garden

Creating a mini garden is a great way to spend time alone with your thoughts for a useful activity and always have fresh herbs or even vegetables on the table.

You can purchase pots, seeds and tools yourself. But it is much easier to take a ready-made set so as not to forget anything. For example, this includes containers, mustard seeds, peas and arugula, mats, plant protection against bacteria and other misfortunes. This is enough for eight harvests. You can get the first one within 6-12 days after planting.

If you are taking on gardening for the first time, do not worry: the kit also contains instructions on how, what and when to do it right.

Price: 649 rubles.


9. Body massager

It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing experience than a massage. The good news is that you can enjoy it even if you don’t have time to travel to a specialized studio. A massager will help out, able to work out all areas of the body, relieve fatigue, tension and give long-awaited lightness.

The 40 cm long ergonomic handle helps you reach hard-to-reach places. Back, buttocks, shoulders, neck, legs — nothing will be left without attention. Six different nozzles will allow you to choose the right one for different types of exposure: intense, relaxing, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and others.

The variability of settings makes it possible to choose the most comfortable strength and intensity of the procedure, and the heating function enhances the relaxing effect of the massage. The gadget is powered by 220 V.

Price: 2,790 rubles.


10 Tetris Creation Kit

Self-assembly of a game console is an activity worth devoting time to for two reasons. The first (and obvious) is to get distracted and switch to something pleasant. The second is entertainment. The finished gadget will give nostalgic emotions during the passage of Tetris, Tanks, Snakes, races and other games. There are 50 of them in total.

The kit has everything you need: an LED matrix display, a transparent plastic case, a piezo speaker — a small device that makes a sound, and other details.

Price: 994 rubles.


Please note: all prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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