Clothes, shoes and backpacks

1. Lamoda

Lamoda will help you fully dress your child for school. The store has uniforms for boys and girls, blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, T-shirts, shorts and tracksuits. There are also backpacks: for elementary school students — with drawings, for older schoolchildren — more versatile and minimalistic.

Here, calmly and without haste, you can choose shoes: interchangeable, seasonal, for sports. Before buying, you can touch, try on all things and take only those that fit.

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2. Sela

The site presents clothes and accessories for children from 2 to 12 years old. All products are sorted by gender, age, and categories — finding something specific will be convenient and fast. Difficulty can arise only because of the huge choice.

Now the minimum order amount for free delivery has been reduced to 3,000 rubles for residents of Moscow and 3,500 for residents of St. Petersburg.

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3. Eco

The brand has its own production of leather processing to create high-quality and comfortable shoes. However, this is not the only material used in the work. In the store you can also find models made of nubuck, while the sole is mainly made of EVA and polyurethane.

The catalog contains summer collections of sandals, demi-season and winter boots, boots, sneakers.

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4. Gulliver

On the main page of the store, cards with product categories immediately open. Separately collected clothes for children and teenagers from Gulliver and Button Blue. Below are goods for the school: uniforms, shoes and backpacks. A separate item is the section with discounts and promotions — be sure to check it out.

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The American brand specializes in casual versatile clothing. Here are shorts, t-shirts, trousers, long sleeves, sweatshirts that are suitable for physical education at school or sections. But the most important thing is the presence of a school uniform. This collection includes shirts, cardigans, sundresses, skirts and trousers.

Until August 31, you can save 20% of the cost of the promo code lifehacker20. It applies to products already participating in other promotions.

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6. Ralf Ringer

Ralf Ringer is a Russian brand that creates shoes for the whole family. Only natural materials are used in production. For children, the site presents more than 500 models, including shoes, boots, sneakers and sneakers.

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7Thomas Munz

Another shoe store, but this time a multi-brand one. In total, there are 9 manufacturers in the catalog: you don’t have to look for what you need on other sites.

There are currently four sections for children. The first two are shoes with up to 50% discount for boys and girls. Two more pages are occupied by new collections.

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8. Planet Sports

Planet Sport presents goods not only for active pastime. For example, here you can pick up high-quality outerwear that will protect you from any bad weather: overalls for long winter walks, hats, gloves and much more. Shoes are also available: children’s boots and boots are in abundance. In addition, there are insoles, water-repellent impregnations and care brushes.

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Office, books and textbooks

1. Labyrinth

The online store offers books, notebooks, covers, writing utensils, pencil cases, everything for labor and art lessons. You can also buy toys, movies, music and various software here. Special mention should be made of textbooks. There are publications in all subjects for students in grades 1-11, manuals for preparing for the Unified State Examination and the Unified State Examination.

If your child still goes to kindergarten, it is worth stopping by the store for materials to prepare for school: copybooks and manuals.

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2. Read city

Here you can also find textbooks, as well as purchase stationery and various accessories. For example, globes, bookends, counting sticks, lesson schedules and more.

If you are looking for kits for creativity by the new academic year, then you should also look into the «Chitai-gorod» — there are a huge number of them.

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3. Letterhead

The assortment of the store includes pens, pencils, proofreaders, rulers and a lot of other little things that are indispensable in the classroom. There are also folders and organizers that will fit everything you need.

In the same store, you can fully prepare for labor lessons and buy glue, colored paper, adhesive tape and other goods for creating crafts.

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4. Alpina

The catalog has a special section with goods for children of all ages. It contains encyclopedias, coloring books, tutorials and entertainment literature.

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1. AliExpress Tmall

It is difficult to imagine productive study without gadgets: a laptop, an e-book with all the textbooks, headphones for attending online classes, a power bank to always stay in touch, and other devices. All this is easy to find on Tmall, the Russian branch of AliExpress.

Delivery of ordered items takes from several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the region. Goods are certified, have a guarantee.

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2. Xiaomi

The Xiaomi authorized online store offers only this brand of equipment for purchase. Thanks to a variety of filters, it will be possible to choose the most suitable smartphone, fitness tracker or even a backpack for the child.

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1. Your room

Preparing for school does not end with the purchase of uniforms, notebooks and a backpack. You also need to take care of a comfortable workplace for doing homework.

Everything you need to create such a corner is in «Your room» — a store of a Russian furniture manufacturer for any request. Upholstered furniture, beds, racks, chairs and desks are presented for children’s rooms.

The delivery area covers all major cities and some smaller ones. Access to the required floor is free. If you do not want to mess with the assembly yourself, order a specialist who is ready to do this work. The cost of the service is from 1,400 rubles.

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Stores that have everything

1. Yandex Market

The site will help you buy everything you need in one place without leaving your home. A white blouse and a lined shirt, everyday uniforms, shorts and a t-shirt for sports, stationery, toys, gadgets — set up filters and choose slowly.

If you have a Yandex Plus subscription, then all deliveries will be free, you will be able to accumulate cashback points and enjoy other privileges.

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2. Player.ru

Another store that sells everything — from laundry to large household appliances. For children, radio-controlled toys are presented here separately. If you want to cheer up a first grader before the first school year or make a gift for an older child, choose a surprise here.

Toys are not the only thing to look at. The sections have the necessary goods for early development, gadgets for study and a lot of stationery. Non-essential items such as magnifiers are also available.

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3. Obstetrics

Shoes, boots, sneakers, school uniforms, dresses, trousers and more for every day — here you can cross off all the items from the “buy for the new school year” list. Usually, preparation does not end with updating the wardrobe, because schoolchildren also need notebooks, writing materials, art supplies and manuals like atlases and maps. Obstetrics has it all too.

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Bonus: a bank card for children

A bank card will allow you to provide your child with pocket money at any time and at any distance. It will teach the student the basics of financial literacy and a deliberate approach to handling money.

The free Tinkoff Junior card is designed specifically for children. With it, you can pay for purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs.

The card is linked to the parent’s account. In the banking application, it is easy to keep track of all actions, and even give tasks with monetary rewards as motivation. For example, clean the room for 200 rubles or finish the year without triples for 5,000. When you complete the task, you will receive a notification. After verification, you will be able to transfer the promised amount to the children’s card account.


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