Music is one of the easiest ways to isolate yourself from the surrounding reality and tune in to the right mood in order to focus or, conversely, be distracted and relaxed. Soundscape takes the hassle out of picking up playlists and solves the problem very easily.

The application contains so-called soundscapes, which, due to binaural beats and smooth animation with iridescent gradients, help to fall asleep, relax, focus and be distracted.

The desired mode is selected from the corresponding icons at the bottom of the screen, as well as from the widget on the Apple Watch. Visual scenes can be switched separately with a button on the top left, they differ in gradient colors. There is a dark mode, which is activated at the top right.

In addition, Soundscape has a built-in timer for when you want to meditate or are about to fall asleep. AirPlay streaming is also supported for convenience, thanks to which you can turn on audiovisual scenes on your Apple TV, TV or radio with CarPlay.

The application is completely free and contains no in-app purchases.


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