1. Sunscreen

When folded, the product takes up very little space. It resembles an ordinary umbrella and works on a similar principle. When you need to protect the windshield from direct sunlight, you just need to straighten the screen.

The function of the stop is performed by the handle. For greater stability, the canvas can also be fixed with sun visors. The seller offers models in two sizes: 117 × 66 and 135 × 79 cm.

Price: from 828 rubles.


2. Universal stand

The device will help you easily reach the roof to clear it of snow or place luggage. It is attached to the door lock bracket with a hook. Soft silicone gasket prevents damage to the body.

The stand is made of durable aluminum alloy and can withstand loads up to 180 kg. The seller also offers to use the device as a wheel stopper, emergency hammer and smartphone holder. Three colors are available to order: black, silver and red.

Price: 900 rubles.


3. Mesh organizer under the ceiling

The mesh is attached with adjustable straps to the handles located above the windows. The compartment with a zipper can accommodate clothes, a pillow, a blanket and other not very heavy items. The cord with a tightening tightly fixes things and does not allow the organizer to sag. There are two mesh sizes to choose from: 90 x 65 and 79 x 53 cm.

Price: from 706 rubles.


4. Luggage holder

A plastic rack will allow you to fix shopping bags, an organizer with tools and other things in the trunk. Please note that the holder is attached to the surface with Velcro fasteners and is only suitable for fleecy sheathing. Stand measures 19 x 14 x 11.5 cm. Available in two colors: gray and orange.

Price: from 208 rubles.


5. Urn

A small airtight bin can hold tissues, candy wrappers, and other small items of trash. It is installed in the cup holder and opens with a slight pressure on the lid. The accessory consists of a plastic cylinder with a capacity of 500 ml and an external aluminum case.

Available to order in black and silver. Separately, you can also purchase four rolls of suitable garbage bags.

Price: 860 rubles.


6. Air dryer

A pad filled with silica gel beads will help solve the problem of fogging windows. It will work most effectively if placed on the dashboard.

When the indicator changes color from blue to pink, it is recommended to place the desiccant in the microwave for 6 minutes, after which it can be reused. Product dimensions — 17 × 10 cm, thickness — about 3 cm.

Price: 917 rubles.


7. Air freshener

The main advantage of this freshener is that it is almost invisible in the cabin. A small plastic bracket is attached to the deflector grille and does not interfere with the operation of the ventilation system. Holders with silicone seals prevent scratches. The length of the product is 7.8 cm. The freshener comes with six interchangeable sticks with different scents.

Price: 296 rubles.


8. Brush with microfiber head

With such a brush, it will be possible to clean the windshield both inside and out without any extra effort. Nozzle holder swivels 180° for easy cleaning of curved surfaces. Telescoping handle extends from 26 to 42 cm. Includes two microfibre nozzles.

Price: 623 rubles.


9. Universal pad

A small cushion can be placed on the side of the center console or on the door to support your knee or lean on while driving. The 18×8cm product is suitable for most cars. Available in black and beige colors.

Price: 240 rubles.


10. Emergency exit device

A small device for emergency exit from the car. On one side of the cylinder is a knife, with which you can quickly cut the seat belt. On the other hand, there is a hammer with a spring mechanism that allows you to break glass with one movement.

The kit comes with an adhesive backing. There are three colors to choose from: dark grey, silver and red.

Price: 592 rubles.


Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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