1. TopON TOP-X72

Universal external battery with a capacity of 72,000 mAh and a total power of 180 W. To connect with devices, it has two USB-A ports with a power of 12 and 10.5 watts. There is also a DC-DC connector for charging laptops. The kit comes with 28 adapters for different models of computers.

The TOP-X72 also has a car socket that can connect portable refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and other equipment with a cigarette lighter connection.

The plastic case of the gadget is protected from dust and water splashes. In addition, the power bank is covered with rubber inserts in case of a fall from a small height. TOP-X72 is protected from overheating, short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge, power surges, overload and other similar troubles.

The built-in flashlight comes in handy when hiking. A case is provided for transportation and storage. The device weighs about 1.5 kg.

Price: 14,556 rubles.

2. Artway EA-146IS

Like the first battery on the list, the Artway EA-146IS weighs around 1.5kg. It will serve as a reliable power source during out-of-town trips. The capacity of the device is 39,000 mAh, and the total output power is 100 watts. For charging laptops, smartphones and other gadgets, there are four USB-A ports delivering 10W of power, as well as a 12V DC output and a 220V AC outlet.

A flashlight and a miniature compass are built into the body of the power bank. The device automatically turns off in case of short circuit, overload or overheating. To replenish the Artway EA-146IS itself, a 15 V input and a power adapter are included.

Price: 12,990 rubles.

3. Anker PowerCore III Elite

Powerbank with a capacity of 25,600 mAh and a total output power of 87 watts. It has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, through which you can recharge your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other gadgets at the same time. Type-C also work for input.

The battery supports PowerIQ 3.0 technology — quickly charges devices that are compatible with Quick Charge, Power Delivery, Apple Fast Charging, Samsung Fast Charging and many more. In addition, with its help it will be possible to replenish gadgets with low power consumption. For example, headphones, smart watches and Bluetooth speakers.

The PowerCore III Elite monitors the heating temperature, voltage level and other indicators to shut down in case of a dangerous situation. The case is made of strong heat-resistant plastic. The device weighs 600 g.

Price: 9 880 rubles.

4 Baseus Blade

An external battery with a capacity of 20,000 mAh produces a total power of up to 100 watts. The Baseus Blade has two USB-A ports for output and two USB-C ports for output and input. Powerbank is able to charge not only laptops and smartphones, but also smart watches and Bluetooth headphones.

With simultaneous operation of two outputs, the maximum power on one Type-C is limited to 65 W, and for Type-A — 30 W. The Blade itself recharges in 90 minutes using the 65W power adapter.

The case has a digital display with information about the battery status, time and charging power. The gadget is protected from power surges, overcharging, overheating and short circuits. The device weighs only 490 g.

Price: 4 830 rubles.

5. ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro

The capacity of ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro is 20,000 mAh, and the total output power is 65 watts. The battery has two USB-A ports and one USB-C. The Type-C input provides recharging of the power bank itself at 45 W in 3 hours. When simultaneously replenishing several devices for USB-C, the border is set to 45 W, and for Type-A it remains at 18 W or switches to 15 W.

When connected to a computer via USB-C, the device can work as a two-port USB hub. You can connect a mouse, hard drive and other peripherals to it. The gadget is protected from short circuit, overheating and other troubles. ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro weighs 450 g.

Price: 4,623 rubles.

6. Baseus 65W PD Power Bank

The battery with a capacity of 30,000 mAh produces a total power of up to 65 watts. This will be enough to power many laptop models. Charging is handled via a Type-C port that runs at either the full 65W or 45W when topping up multiple gadgets at the same time. In addition to Type-C, there are four USB-A, three of which support charging at 15W, and one more at 30W.

The power bank itself can be charged via Type-C at up to 60 W in 3-4 hours. In addition, 18W microUSB and a 10W Lightning connector are available for input power. The device automatically turns off in case of short circuit, overheating, overload and other similar dangerous moments. The weight of the device is 550 g.

Price: 4,554 rubles.

7. Qumo PowerAid Note Pro

This power bank has a capacity of 40,000 mAh and an output power of up to 97 watts. Notebooks are powered through a DC port, for which there are 28 adapters. Also for other gadgets, there are two USB-A and one USB-C with support for 18W fast charging.

The Qumo PowerAid Note Pro itself is recharged via DC input at up to 38W in 4 hours. The digital display shows the remaining charge and voltage. The battery in a rugged case weighs just over 1 kg.

Price: 937 rubles.

8. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro

External battery with a capacity of 20,000 mAh with a total output power of 50 watts. Mi Power Bank 3 Pro has two USB-A and one USB-C ports. It can be used to charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones, smart watches, fitness bracelets and other gadgets. Type-C works on input and output with a power of up to 45 watts, and Type-A — at 18 watts. The power bank itself is replenished in about 4.5 hours. The weight of the device is 440 g.

Price: 3,599 rubles.
Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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