Belgian artist Xander Steenbrugge, using the StableDiffusion neural network, created a three-minute video about the history of the Earth and its possible future. All events are presented sequentially, from the Big Bang and the appearance of the first living beings to total urbanization, space travel and the development of artificial intelligence.

To create the concept, only 36 consecutive requests were used, on the basis of which the neural network modeled the temporary tape.

The video begins with the formation of galaxies. Like other planets, the Earth appears, which in a short few seconds turns from a burnt stone into a place with an atmosphere and water, where life originated.

With the advent of mammals, man also appeared. The video shows the evolution from a cave hearth in the simplest community systems to futuristic metropolises with huge skyscrapers.

The future of humanity in the video leaves many questions. This is something similar to the death of the Earth, relocation to another planet, the supremacy of artificial intelligence, or even the transformation of people into something more. How would you interpret the ending of the video? Write in the comments.

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