VTB warned of a new fraudulent scheme that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It looks like this:

  • The scammer calls the victim, pretending to be a bank employee. She reports that they tried to make an international SWIFT transfer from her account, but the operation was blocked by the security service.
  • When the victim denies the transfer, the scammer reports the need to check the operation of the mobile application. To do this, you need to download a special program, and then name the unique address of the device and the code to connect to it. Of course, the attacker is not going to conduct any checks: the program is needed to gain remote access to the smartphone.
  • If the victim provides this data, the fraudster will be able to remotely steal all the money from the accounts: seeing everything that happens on the screen, he will be able to receive one-time transaction confirmation codes.

In fact, this is a variation of the standard scheme «Ivan Ivanovich, confirm a loan for one hundred thousand rubles.» Only as a result, scammers do not receive the amount that the victim takes on credit and deposits on a “safe” account, but full access to all applications and data on the device.

The technique for protecting against this is standard: do not provide any data over the phone, no matter who the caller appears to be. If you are afraid that bank representatives are really calling you, it is better to hang up the call and call the official hotline yourself. The number can be found on the website or in the application.

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