1. Obstetrics

The store presents clothes, shoes, backpacks, stationery and other goods with discounts up to 70%. In addition to the things that a child will need at school, you can buy tables and chairs for arranging a home study place on the site.

Discounted and non-discounted products are grouped together – you will have to search for profitable offers manually. Or you can look into the sections «Buy cheaper!» and «Liquidation», in which prices are reduced to 30 and 70%, respectively.

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2. SberMegaMarket

A similar assortment is offered by SberMegaMarket. Here, too, there is everything for the school: uniforms, shoes, bags, backpacks, gadgets and more. Many items are available with discounts up to 70%. It is convenient that goods can be sorted by age: there are sections for preschoolers, students of primary, secondary and senior classes and for students. The promotion will last until August 22.

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3. Yandex Market

Yandex Market will help you get ready for school easily and quickly. In order not to forget anything, there is a convenient “Checklist of the student”. Discounts apply to different products. For example, you can save up to 30% on the purchase of backpacks, and small things like pens, pencil cases and notebooks are sold according to the “3 = 2” scheme. Prices are also reduced on school clothes and shoes of different brands, educational literature, desktop organizers and more.

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4. Gap

The store cannot boast of a rich assortment of school uniforms for girls and boys, but it’s definitely worth a look here. There is a big sale on the site — you can save up to 66%. For example, a sundress costs 1,950 rubles instead of 4,499, and a shirt can be bought with a profit of 2,049 rubles. Discounted sportswear is also available, which you will need for physical education.

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5. Lamoda

At the big summer sale from Lamoda, you can find not only casual children’s clothing, but also school uniforms. A lot of shoes are also collected on the promotion page — shoes, boots and sneakers for boys and girls are available with discounts up to 80%.

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6. Gulliver

The store has two great promotions: 8% off the new Gulliver school collection and 10% off Button Blue uniforms. Both offers are valid until August 31 with a promo code SCHOOL22. In addition to dresses, sundresses, jackets, shirts and trousers, the sections feature light outerwear for autumn and accessories like ties and belts.

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7. Labyrinth

The «Labyrinth» is hosting the «School Fair» until August 31: discounts of up to 50% are available on textbooks and notebooks. A convenient search will help you quickly find the right manual: sorting by subjects, classes, authors and publishers is available. Another great offer, valid until August 31, is up to 40% discounts on stationery. The section has pencil cases, pens, erasers, pencils and much more.

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8. Read City

You can also buy textbooks at discounted prices at Chitai-Gorod. The promotion is valid until August 31, and the amount of the discount depends on the amount of the order. You can save up to 30% maximum. In addition, until August 21, the store gives a 17% discount when buying three products from the section with albums, paints, brushes and other things for drawing lessons.

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9 Book24

The store offers a 19% discount on products from the «School Supplies» category. Promotion valid with promo code STUDENT15 and cannot be combined with other offers on the site. The section contains notebooks, pens, sharpeners, erasers and many more items — more than 2,000. Many products are already available with discounts.

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10. Vprok.ru

Backpacks, bags for changing shoes, notebooks, diaries, stationery — all this is sold at a discount in the online store Vprok.ru. You won’t be able to buy a school uniform and shoes here, but you can stock up on haberdashery: golfs, elastic bands and hair clips, combs and other little things.

Also at a discounted price are offered ready-made kits with accessories for first graders. Bundles, which include several dozen items, are sold at discounts of up to 57%.

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