«Yandex Music» announced a large-scale update of the search engine. Now the system works with the context and adjusts the responses to the user’s preferences. So, at the request of Smith, rock fans will see the British band The Smith first on the list, and fans of modern pop music will see Sam Smith.

Moreover, the search takes into account what the user has viewed before. If the user looked at an artist’s page and then started searching for the title of a track by the same artist, it would come out first in the list. If he switched to searching from the list of podcasts, they will be in the results, not the songs.

Finally, lyrics available on the service are also taken into account when searching. If you don’t know the name, but remember the line from the chorus, you can find the right song.

At the same time, we added a search option for specific categories: artists, tracks, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts.

All these innovations have already appeared in the Yandex Music application for iOS, and they will get to Android a little later.

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