WhatsApp has released a full-fledged application for Windows

Image: whatsapp

WhatsApp has introduced a completely new application for Windows users — without being tied to the web version. It does not require a mobile phone connection and is available for download.

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Google released Android 13 and named 13 major improvements

Image: Mobilesyrup

Google has begun distributing the final version of the Android 13 operating system. It is gradually becoming available for Pixel smartphones around the world. It fixed a lot of bugs and introduced a lot of innovations.

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The App Store now has a replacement for the Sberbank app removed due to sanctions

The SBOL app has been released in the App Store app store, allowing you to conduct transactions in Sberbank. Functionally, this is a complete analogue of the Sberbank Online service — safe and reliable, representatives of the bank confirmed.

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The network revealed the date of the presentation of the iPhone 14

Image: Apple

Bloomberg has revealed the exact date of the premiere of the new generation of iPhone — the presentation will take place in early September. It will take place online. Sales of smartphones are planned to begin in the same month.

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The neural network showed a video with the history of the Earth — from the birth of the universe to the future of mankind

frame from Neural Synesthesia video

And in conclusion, the news that aroused great interest on the Web: a Belgian artist using the StableDiffusion neural network created a three-minute video about the history of the Earth and its possible future. It turned out to be a very unusual and heartfelt video.

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