Cats not only bring joy, but also require time, attention and care. We have collected products for cats that will facilitate the care of pets and make their life more convenient and interesting.


ball teaser

A classic fun for cats is a teaser on a stick made from natural materials. You can play with your pet and not be afraid that your hands will be scratched. If you hide a toy from a cat when you are not playing with it, the animal will not lose interest in it for a long time.

Price: 180 rubles


cat supplies: Puzzle

Panel with recesses for treats and movable washers. To get to the treat, the cat needs to move the pieces of the puzzle. The toy occupies the animal for a long time and develops it.

Price: 1 090 rubles

Tunnel for cats

cat tunnel

Tunnel of rustling fabric. Balls are hung on strings inside. Cats like to run through it, catch up with toys or hide like in a house. The diameter is suitable even for well-fed pets. The toy can be folded compactly for storage.

Price: 688 rubles

ball game

products for cats

This toy for cats is made of thick paper, which is nice for sharpening claws. The ball rolls inside. The design can simply be laid on the floor or fixed at the legs of the furniture. To attract the attention of a cat, catnip is included in the kit.

Price: 786 rubles

Toilet training system for cats

Toilet training system for cats

A unique product for cats is a special tray that is attached to the toilet. Gradually, an ever wider hole is cut in it, and the cat gets used to going to the toilet without additional devices. The nozzle is only suitable for toilet bowls of standard size and round shape.

Price: 585 rubles

Tray mat

goods for cats: mat under the tray

Double-layer mat with holes for moisture and debris. When the cat passes over it, the filler stuck to the paws falls into the holes and does not spread throughout the apartment. The rug can be vacuumed and washed.

Price: 1 350 rubles

Toilet house

Toilet house

Closed litter box for cats who like to dig into the litter. Thanks to the high sides and roof, dust does not spread all over the toilet. The size of the house is sufficient to comfortably accommodate even a large cat. To clean the toilet, you can remove the top completely or flip the lid.

Price: 1 932 rubles


products for cats

The scoop with storage case can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. The mesh helps to use the filler more economically. This cat product is made of durable plastic and comes in several colors.

Price: 563 rubles

Scratching mat

Scratching mat

A sisal rug will protect furniture from sharp claws. It can be placed on the floor, hung on the arm of a sofa, or wrapped around a table leg. Available in several sizes. The rug comes with safety hooks to help secure it in place.

Price: 732–1,600 rubles

Ball-scratching post

products for cats: Scratching post

Two in one: a scratching post and an entertaining toy. A large ball wrapped with natural thread is fixed on a special rotating stand. Available in two sizes.

Price: 781–981 rubles

small house

cat's house

House for a cat in the form of a cat! The insulated bed with ears is available in several sizes. Suitable for both miniature and well-fed pets. Thanks to the rubberized non-slip bottom, it will be convenient for the cat to climb inside.

Price: 667–996 rubles


products for cats: Bed

A bed for cats in the form of a donut in a delicate powdery color. Made from soft, long pile fabric. The filler does not cake and does not absorb odors. If necessary, the bedding can be washed in the machine.

Price: 1 290 rubles

Battery hammock

Battery hammock

A cozy place for a cat near the battery. The hammock fits any radiator width because the mount is adjustable. The cloth pad is removable and machine washable. The hammock is suitable for small to medium sized cats.

Price: 2 798 rubles

Couch in the form of a soft toy

Couch in the form of a soft toy

A cute couch in the form of a plush toy is not only a cozy place for a pet, but also an interior decoration. Made from soft fabric. Available in two sizes.

Price: 1479–1,885 rubles

Carry bag

products for cats: Carrying bag

Carrier with mesh windows and padded interior. Opens from the side and top. Can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder. There is a special loop to secure the bag on the suitcase handle during the trip.

Price: 1 652 rubles


Backpack for cats

Transparent backpack for traveling cats. Suitable for animals weighing up to five kilograms. Ergonomic shoulder straps make the backpack comfortable to wear. A small entry hole is located on the side. True, if the cat does not like to travel in a carrier, it will not be easy to put him in a backpack.

Price: RUB 1,308–1,722


goods for cats: Harness

This product for cats will come in handy during trips. Breathable harness-vest is designed for animals from one and a half to seven and a half kilograms. Made from soft fabric. Does not pull the neck and does not cut into the paws. Available in several colors. Included is a small leash to match the harness.

Price: 250 rubles


Brush glove

A special glove for shedding animals is a solution for cats that do not like to be combed out. Silicone tips collect excess hair and pleasantly massage the skin of the animal.

Price: 122 rubles

Self-cleaning brush

cat products: self-cleaning brush

The feature of this brush is a special self-cleaning system. You just need to press the button — and the collected wool can be easily removed from the teeth. In all other respects, this is an ordinary rather comfortable comb for long-haired animals.

Price: 522 rubles

Feeding set

Pet feeding set

Dining room for a beloved cat. Two bowls for food and one for water. The main feature of the model is a drinking bowl with a valve. A half-liter bottle of water is enough for two to three days.

Price: 494 rubles

automatic feeder

cat products: automatic feeder

A smart dispenser with a timer will appeal to those who have to leave their pet alone for a long time. On the device, you can set the time of feedings, portion sizes, and even record a voice message for the cat.

Price: 3 321 rubles

Set of bowls

Pet bowl set

Ceramic bowls on a pretty stand with ears. Available in several colors — you can choose the design that suits the interior of the kitchen. The cat will also like the bowls due to the correct angle of inclination, which helps not to strain the neck while eating.

Price: 774 rubles


products for cats: Fountain

Device for cats who like to drink from the tap. The fountain is pretty quiet. Works from a network. The container contains one and a half liters of water. There is a built-in filter.

Price: 861 ruble


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