1. Stationery

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Usually, by the beginning of the school year, the class teacher sends the parents of the students a list of the necessary office. If you don’t have one, check with ours to make sure you don’t forget anything. The set of subjects depends on the age of the student. For example, high school students are unlikely to need notebooks in an oblique ruler, and first graders — a protractor.

What to buy

  • Notebooks in a cage and in a ruler;
  • pencil case;
  • pens with blue ink;
  • simple and colored pencils;
  • ruler and protractor;
  • compass;
  • eraser and sharpener;
  • covers for notebooks and textbooks;
  • a diary;
  • colored paper;
  • colored cardboard;
  • stationery scissors;
  • PVA glue and glue stick;
  • organizer folder;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • sketchbook;
  • a jar for washing brushes;
  • plasticine and tools for working with it;
  • corrector;
  • stickers;
  • bookmarks.

Choose office ✏️

2. Clothes and shoes for every day

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Check in advance if the school has any special uniform requirements. Maybe centralized tailoring is organized for the whole class at once. If not, then stick to the following rules.

Clothing should be restrained. Form — black, dark blue, gray colors. Blouses, shirts and turtlenecks are allowed not only in white, but also, for example, blue, pink and other muted shades.

Choose comfortable shoes so that you can comfortably spend several lessons in it. Some schools ask you to purchase models with white soles so as not to leave black streaks on the floor. And don’t forget tights and socks.

What to buy

  • Dress, sundress or skirt, jacket for girls;
  • trousers, jacket for a boy;
  • cardigan or vest to replace the jacket;
  • two turtlenecks (minimum);
  • a white shirt and a pair of shirts in other colors for a boy;
  • a white blouse and a pair of blouses in other colors for a girl;
  • socks;
  • tights;
  • indoor shoes.

Choose casual clothes and shoes 🛍

3. Clothing and footwear for physical education

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For the hall and the street you need different sets of clothes. Shorts or pants, as well as a short-sleeve T-shirt, are suitable for indoor activities. It is better to choose monophonic models without prints.

On the street, you can’t do without sports trousers, T-shirts or long sleeves, sweatshirts. The priority is neutral colors and lack of decor. You may also need a bandage to hold your hair in place.

Sneakers should fit snugly on the leg, but not press. For elementary school students, models with a Velcro fastener that do not need to be laced are suitable.

What to buy

  • Shorts;
  • two t-shirts (minimum);
  • sport suit;
  • sneakers;
  • headband;
  • shape bag.

Choose sportswear and shoes 👟

4. Backpack and accessories

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What a schoolboy obviously cannot do without is a backpack. Try to choose a model with an anatomical back and adjustable shoulder straps so that the child can fit the accessory to himself.

It’s great if the backpack is framed: then the load is evenly distributed on the shoulders and back. Bag models cannot boast of this. Don’t forget a bag for changing shoes, so you don’t have to constantly change bags.

What to buy

  • Backpack;
  • album folder;
  • bag for the second shoe.

Choose backpack and accessories 🎒

5. Technology and gadgets

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Gadgets are necessary for productive study. A smartphone is useful for chatting in class, taking photos of homework, and calling parents. When choosing, pay attention to the camera and battery capacity so that the child is not left without communication at the most inopportune moment.

A laptop will help you study productively and comfortably, especially if everyone is suddenly transferred to remote learning again. Light weight and autonomy, which will allow you to use the gadget for the whole school day, is what is important.

Headphones, on the other hand, will make it possible to study with a tutor and not immerse others in the intricacies of learning. For home use, it is better to choose full-size models with a wired connection: these will definitely not sit down. If the child prefers compact wireless models, then you need to study the operating time on a single battery charge. The higher the score, the better.

To ensure that gadgets are always in service, buy a power bank for the student. Capacity in the range of 10,000-20,000 mAh will be enough. From technology, a printer will definitely come in handy — save on constant printouts.

What to buy

  • Smartphone;
  • headphones;
  • desktop computer or laptop;
  • laptop bag;
  • MFP;
  • external battery.

Select Gadgets 📱

6. Student’s workplace

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A student of any age needs a separate workplace for which it will be comfortable to do homework. It is also worth taking care of the space where it will be possible to place all study materials and other necessary items.

The table and chair are usually selected according to height. Considering how quickly children grow, it would be a good idea to look at buying height-adjustable models. They are definitely not enough for one year. Shelves, cabinets and drawers should be low and within reach so that the student can independently get and put away their things.

What to buy

  • Table;
  • armchair;
  • cabinet or rack;
  • desk lamp;
  • desktop organizer for stationery.

Choose furniture 🪑

7. Useful little things

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Not everyone will need these items, but the list is worth studying: suddenly you find something useful for the child. For example, you can purchase a water bottle so that the student does not run to the cooler or to the cafeteria.

Those who prefer to collect snacks or lunches for the child at home will definitely need a lunch box. Another useful thing is reflective stickers. They will come in handy if the lessons are on the second shift and you have to return home at dusk.

What to buy

  • Lunch container;
  • thermos for drinks;
  • bottle for water;
  • stand for textbooks;
  • reflective sticker on clothing or backpack.

Choose useful little things 🍏

Bonus: how to save money on shopping for school

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In order not to go broke on preparing for school, follow the sales. Many stores hold promotions — so you can stock up on stationery, textbooks and clothes with good discounts. For example, Chitai-Gorod cuts prices for school supplies by up to 30%, Obstetrics offers up to 70% off uniforms for boys and girls, backpacks, stationery, and even desks.

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