The editor of About Chromebooks discovered a new feature in the standard browser in beta version of ChromeOS 106 — RSS feed. It opens with a small window inside the application, the size of which can be adjusted. It seems that now the function still needs to be improved: the list of articles was not displayed for the author.

But adding sites to the feed is already working. To do this, just right-click and select «Subscribe to the site» in the drop-down list.

Screenshot: About Chromebooks

The author reached out on Twitter to Adriana Porter Felt, CTO of Chrome, and clarified whether the new reader will be part of Chrome 106 and ChromeOS 106. She answered evasively: «Work in progress, and we plan to make changes to the mobile Chrome reader before the desktop version is ready.»

She also confirmed that the Chrome reader will also be able to pull content from sites that don’t use RSS. This will allow the user to follow the news from all sites of interest. There is a similar opportunity in Feedly and other popular readers.

It looks like the feature is now scheduled to launch with Chrome 106, which will be released in September-October of this year. So far, Google is only preparing to release a stable Chrome 105 — it should be released before the end of August.

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