1. Table

In order not to select furniture for the height of the child, you can buy a transforming table with adjustable table top height and angle. Such a desk will last for several years. If it is important to use the space of the room to the maximum, you should take a closer look at the table with built-in shelves and a large number of drawers.

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2. Chair

The chair for the workplace of the student must have a backrest and be adjustable in height. Models on wheels with a rotating seat for primary school students will not work — it will be difficult for a child to maintain the correct position for a long time. This option should be chosen for teenagers who often work at a computer. If you are looking for an upholstered chair, look for materials that are easy to clean.

3. Rack or bookshelf

If the table is not equipped with drawers and shelves, it is worth installing a small rack or a hanging shelf in the working area. With them, all teaching aids will be at hand, and the main surface will be freed from stacks of books and notebooks. In order not to overload the space, choose open furniture with a simple design. The dust from the shelves will have to be wiped more often, but this option will not be too cumbersome.

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4. Table lamp

Even if the workplace is located by the window, additional lighting is indispensable. A table lamp with a flexible leg will allow you to adjust the most convenient angle of incidence of light. Useful, but not mandatory functions are brightness and color temperature adjustment. It is also worth paying attention to the design: so that the table lamp does not distract attention, it is better to choose concise models without decorative details.

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5. Desktop organizer

Pens, pencils, erasers — for these and other little things you need a stationery organizer. It can be a small stand just for writing utensils or a roomy model with a compartment for books, notebooks and papers.

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6. Magnetic or corkboard

If you attach a piece of paper with rules or formulas to the board, they will always be in front of your eyes — it’s easier to remember what is written. You can also place a lesson schedule on a magnetic or cork surface so that you do not have to constantly look at the diary when you are going to school.

What to buy

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