1. HideMy

HideMy.name specializes in VPNs, but also offers a database with a huge list of free proxy servers for manual configuration. Listed here are addresses from 65 countries with varying levels of security ranging from high anonymity with encryption to basic.

Availability and speed of work are regularly checked by the system in automatic mode. The selected IP address must be entered in the appropriate field in the proxy settings for the browser or operating system.

Data is collected from thousands of different sites, private lists and forums. HideMy.name does not guarantee that all these proxies will function perfectly, but you can focus on indicators from the proposed list. Filtering criteria are provided to search for suitable options.

For 190 rubles per month or 990 rubles per year, you can get extended access to the proxy list and export it, for example, in Excel format.

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This service allows you to browse incognito sites with traffic encryption. CroxyProxy provides enough bandwidth not only for social networks and simple web pages, but also for watching videos.

The CroxyProxy page has an address bar where you should enter the URL of the site you need. The service will redirect to the selected page with the changed IP address. For quick access to the proxy, you can install a browser extension.

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3.Proxy site

Proxysite web proxy allows you to download social networks, video hosting sites and other pages in anonymous mode. By masking the IP address and encrypting traffic, the service will protect users’ devices from malware, hacking and other types of dangers on the Web.

Proxysite works at an average speed, so it is unlikely that you will be able to watch videos in a comfortable mode. But to open your profile and scroll through the feed in social networks, the service is quite suitable.

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4.FreeVideo Proxy

FreeVideoProxy is positioned as a proxy service for accessing video hosting sites in a secure manner. It does not impose additional restrictions on the amount of transmitted traffic and speed. The quality of the connection will depend on the selected settings.

The service interface includes three lines. In the first you need to enter the desired address of the page with the video. In the second, you need to select the location of the server through which the connection will be made. A total of 11 options are available in the list, the default is the one closest to the user. The third line prompts you to define one of 22 locations that is used to mask the IP address: other sites will determine your request as coming from the specified city.

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The GenMirror web proxy is well suited for viewing not only websites, but also videos. Through it, you can anonymously browse popular social networks and use streaming platforms. In addition to the address bar, there are additional settings in the top menu.

To download pages through a proxy server, you can install browser masking by specifying a completely different program. For example, you will be viewing a page through Chrome from a desktop computer, and the site will detect your system as macOS or iPhone with the Safari browser.

GenMirror also allows you to delete cookies set by websites. There is a section in the main menu with a small list of alternative web proxies, but not all of them work at the moment.

GenMirror →


The service allows you to open websites, streaming services and other resources. It has a minimalist design and a simple interface. It is enough to enter a query in the search bar or provide a link.

Unfortunately, ProxyPx does not work correctly with all addresses, but most sites open quickly enough. The platform does not change the layout of the pages and does not throw intrusive ads. Best suited for viewing updates on social networks, reading news and blog articles.

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7. Free Proxy Site

The service offers users to choose one of eight proxy servers located in the US and UK. As in the previous two options, the main Free Proxy Site page has an address bar and buttons for quick access to popular sites. The speed of work is not very high, but this is enough for reading news and viewing posts with photos.

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