1. Smartphone

A smartphone is necessary for a student of any age. He will help the younger student to always be in touch with his parents. A high school student will come in handy to use a translator, attend distance lessons or chat.

When choosing a gadget, you should pay attention to the amount of RAM. The larger it is, the faster the device will execute commands. The camera is also important, because the pictures need high-quality and clear, otherwise the student will not understand the photographed information. Do not forget about the battery capacity: the charge should be enough for the whole school day.

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2. Headphones

High-quality headphones will be useful for a student for distance learning, online lessons with tutors, training courses on the Internet, and more.

Before buying, it is better to check with the child in which model he will be more comfortable: some like the earbuds more, others like the plugs. Universal option — full-size headphones with an adjustable headband.

The noise canceling feature would be a big plus. It will help to «turn off» external sounds and concentrate only on the conversation. If you see a model with a hybrid connection — using Bluetooth and a cable, do not pass by. These headphones can be used even with a dead battery.

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3. E-book

It is much easier to load all the necessary textbooks into an e-book than to carry them in a backpack every day. All materials for extracurricular reading can also be stored in the device’s memory. This is not only safe for the child’s back and convenient, but also beneficial — electronic versions of books usually cost less than printed counterparts.

Readers work without recharging for weeks. The most common models have a screen diagonal of 6-7 inches and a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels. This will be enough to assimilate literature without straining your eyes. If you need to often study materials with images, graphs and other similar elements, then it is better to choose e-books with 8-13‑inch screens. True, these models are much more expensive.

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4. Smart watch

Smart watches that can monitor sports activity will be useful not only in physical education. They will also replace the alarm clock and help to establish a sleep pattern. More advanced models will show the level of stress and blood oxygen saturation. For younger children, you can buy a gadget that allows you to track the exact location — so parents can be sure that the child is safe.

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5. External battery

If a student has at least one gadget, a portable power source will also come in handy. It will allow you to charge your devices when there is no outlet nearby.

External batteries come in different capacities, the average value is 10,000–20,000 mAh. This is enough to replenish the smartphone up to 100% a couple of times. If you need to recharge a laptop or tablet, you should look at models with a margin of 40,000 mAh. But keep in mind: the higher this value, the heavier the battery. Support for fast charging would be a plus.

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6. Laptop

The ideal laptop for studying is lightweight and with a large screen. The more information is placed on the display, the more convenient it will be for the child during classes. Equally important is autonomy. The student should not be suddenly disconnected from online lessons due to a dead battery or constantly distracted to find a charger.

As in the case of smartphones, when buying, you need to pay attention to the amount of RAM. A good value is at least 8 GB. If you can expand the RAM yourself, great. In this case, you can take the gadget with a small margin and improve it when the time comes. But additions like a gaming video card for a training computer are not particularly important.

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7. MFP

The school regularly has to submit essays and reports, find and print additional materials for lessons, scan notes and pages of textbooks. It is convenient if you can do all this at home and not waste time looking for specialized points. It is better to choose an MFP right away, which includes a printer, scanner and copier.

What to buy

Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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