DuckDuckGo announced the start of open beta testing of the Email Protection service. This is an email forwarding service that allows you to remove all advertising trackers from emails that usually collect information about the recipient. It was first launched last year, but access was limited. Now everyone can try the service.

Registering is simple:

  • On desktop, go to duckduckgo.com/email using the DuckDuckGo or DuckDuckGo for Mac browser extension.
  • In the DuckDuckGo mobile app, you need to update to the latest version, open Settings and select Email Protection.

The developers note that approximately 85% of beta tester emails contained hidden trackers. Basically, these are various advertising networks that can use your address for mailing lists that collect data about activity on the Web.

With Email Protection, all of the user’s mail goes through the @duck.com inbox where it is cleaned and then forwarded to the recipient. You can create an unlimited number of such boxes.

Also, since the beginning of the open beta, the developers have added several new features, including intelligent encryption, protection against tracking links in emails, and the ability to reply directly from «duck» addresses.

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