The creator of the Pomodoro technique used a mechanical kitchen timer to count time intervals. But now there are much more convenient tools for this, which are always at hand. For example, Tomodoro.

An open source online service created by an enthusiastic developer and designed to improve concentration. The entire interface of the page is occupied by a timer with large numbers and visualization of the countdown in the form of a ring. If desired, it can be easily minimized into a floating mini-window through the picture-in-picture function.

Tomodoro allows you to create tasks and work, separately tracking statistics on them. The elapsed time will be displayed in the graph. It also shows a lot of other detailed data that can later be used for analysis.

Through browser notifications, the service will prompt you about the end of the current round and the beginning of a new one. White noise playback is supported for better concentration. In the settings, you can change the duration of work and rest intervals, choose from eight color themes, and even create a backup copy of your data for transfer to another device.

Tomodoro is completely free and is suitable for both computers and smartphones.

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