Men’s shoes

1. With leather top

Reminiscent of dress shoes, the Henderson model can be combined with clothing of different styles. Massive embossed outsole made of rubber, shoes will not slip on wet surfaces. The upper and insole are made of genuine leather. Sizes 40–45 are available to order.

Price: 9 999 rubles.


2. With suede upper

Yellow sneakers from Ralf Ringer will be a bright accent in a casual autumn look. The upper is made of thick suede. The heel is trimmed with soft leather so that the shoes do not rub.

The outsole with a tread pattern is responsible for reliable grip on surfaces. The model is also available in dark colors with a leather upper. When ordering, you can choose sizes 39-46.

Price: 7 990 rubles.


3. With a bright sole

Sneakers from Thomas Munz have a laconic upper without decor. But there is a detail that attracts attention on the shoes — a contrasting orange outsole.

From outside the lightning protected from moisture is located. It will come in handy if you do not want to fiddle with laces. There are sizes 41-45 to choose from.

Price: 5 399 rubles.


4. Fleece lined

The model from Salamander with a soft fluffy lining is suitable for cool weather. The high textile cuff fits snugly around the leg and protects against wind and raindrops.

Hooks for laces at the top help to secure the shoes tightly. The model is made of genuine leather. Sizes 40-45 are available to order.

Price: 9 990 rubles.


5. With membrane layer

In sneakers from ECCO you can safely walk on a rainy day. Made with GORE‑TEX® technology, an intermediate membrane fabric not only keeps water out but also allows moisture to escape from the inside when the foot sweats. The upper is made of durable material that will not tear or wear out.

Removable insoles adapt to the shape of the foot over time, softening the load. Lightweight flexible outsole with non-slip rubber tread. Sneakers are presented in three colors and sizes 40-46.

Price: 16,990 rubles.


Female sneakers

1. With embossed tread

Sneakers from Salamander on a low platform will be comfortable to wear every day. An interesting look of the model is given by details of a contrasting color, a silver insert on the heel and a relief protector.

The upper of the shoe is completely leather. Inside there is a fluffy lining that will not let your feet freeze in cool weather. Available in sizes 36-41.

Price: 9 990 rubles.


2. With Velcro straps

Leather sneakers from O2 Live with a chunky, ribbed sole. Instead of lacing, the model has two Velcro straps. With such a clasp, shoes will be easier and faster. The insole and lining are made of genuine leather. Available in sizes 36-39.

Price: 5 999 rubles.


3. With braided inserts

Model from Anne Weyburn is decorated with wicker and gold accents. These shoes will make your everyday look a little more elegant. Both the upper and the interior are leather. Elastomer outsole provides good cushioning and non-slip. When ordering, you can choose sizes 36-41.

Price: 6,049 rubles.


4. With quilted inserts

The model from DeFacto is made of artificial materials. Quilted inserts are waterproof: if you step into a puddle or get caught in a light rain, your feet will remain dry. A responsive outsole and ribbed outsole make long walks more comfortable. Available in sizes 35-39.

Price: 2 899 rubles.


5. With hooks for laces

These leather sneakers from Ralf Ringer are lined with warm fleece. Such shoes will protect not only from the rain, but also from the cold. The model is tightly fixed on the leg with the help of laces and hooks in the ankle area.

Massive outsole with textured details is made of non-slip thermoplastic rubber. Sneakers are presented in three colors: black, beige and brown. Available in sizes 37-40.

Price: 6 290 rubles.


Children’s sneakers

1. With adjustable straps

These Lovely Puppy sneakers are crafted from genuine leather with a padded heel cuff. There are protective nubuck overlays on the front, with them the shoes will wear out less.

The fit can be adjusted with the drawstring Velcro straps. In addition, such a clasp will allow the child to put on shoes without the help of adults. Sizes 20-23 are available to order.

Price: 3 499 rubles.


2. With bright design

These Flamingo sneakers are eye-catching with bright yellow details and decorative studs. The upper is made of faux leather with a reinforced front. Lining and insole — textile.

The model is tied with lacing and additionally fixed with a Velcro strap. To make it easier to put on shoes, there is a loop on the back. Available sizes are 26–32.

Price: 4 299 rubles.


3. With leather insole

The zipper on the side will allow you to put on sneakers from «Kotofey» without unlacing them. The upper, lining and insole are made of genuine leather — the foot in the shoe will breathe. The toe area has overlays to protect against wear. The shoes have a non-slip rubber sole. You can order sizes 25-29.

Price: 3 990 rubles.


4. Lined with baize

High-top sneakers from Kenkä with decorative lacing are secured to the foot with a Velcro strap. There is also a side zipper. The top of the model is made of faux leather with textured inserts.

The interior is lined with soft fleece. Massive stable sole has an anti-slip tread. Available in sizes 26-30.

Price: 1,580 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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