1. With two rollers

Anatomically shaped pillow with two rollers 11 and 12 cm high. The embossed central part creates the effect of micromassage. The product supports the cervical spine — the upper body will be completely relaxed during sleep.

Inside the pillow is memory foam. The elastic material adapts to the shape of the body and quickly returns to its original shape when a person rolls over. This means that the neck will not strain in any position.

Cushion size: 60 × 40 cm. Removable cover made of natural cotton, machine washable.

Price: 3 876 rubles.


2. With notch under the shoulder

The model will appeal to people who are used to sleeping on soft. The memory effect filler is similar in properties to ordinary feather pillows. Additional comfort is provided by a notch under the shoulder: while sleeping on the side, the pillow will support the cervical region without pinching the blood vessels.

Pillow size: 61 x 40 x 12 cm. The cotton cover can be easily removed with a zipper. If necessary, it can be machine washed.

Price: 2 850 rubles.


3. With notches for the face

A pillow with a memory effect will help get rid of morning puffiness and creases on the skin while sleeping on your side. Special recesses on the left and right are needed to reduce pressure on the face. The pillow also supports the cervical region and is suitable for sleeping on your back.

Product size: 31 × 60 × 14 cm. Comes with a removable cotton cover.

Price: 4 990 rubles.


4. Filled with buckwheat husks

Inside this pillow is a filling of buckwheat husks. It has a light massage effect and exudes an unobtrusive herbal aroma.

The product will help relieve stress from the neck and relax the muscles. The pillow is quite firm, so beginners will need time to get used to sleeping on it.

Model size: 40 × 10 cm. The cotton cover is not removable and cannot be washed. The pillow itself is recommended from time to time to ventilate and dry in the fresh air.

Price: 2,234 rubles.


5. With a recess in the center

Square pillow with a recess in the center and rollers of different heights. The 10 cm side is designed for children from four years old, the 15 cm side is suitable for adults. The special anatomical shape supports the neck and ensures the correct position of the spine during sleep on the back and side.

The filler is soft, but resilient artificial fluff. It has hypoallergenic properties and does not accumulate dust.

Model size: 70 × 50 cm. Pillowcases and covers are not included.

Price: 1,224 rubles.


6. With a cooling effect

On such a pillow it will be especially pleasant to sleep in the heat. The cooling gel in the composition of the filler maintains a constant temperature, it is slightly below body temperature. The mesh insert in the center allows air to pass through well and enhances the refreshing effect.

The filler itself is made of natural latex with a memory effect. The material of medium hardness will provide support for the neck in any position.

Product size: 67 × 47 × 15 cm. The removable cover is made of soft jersey and absorbs sweat well.

Price: 15 345 rubles.


7. Double sided

On one side of the product is a layer of cooling gel. It removes heat from the body and begins to act within 20-30 seconds after the head touches the pillow. The other side is normal. The memory foam filling evenly distributes the load on the head, neck and shoulders — you can get enough sleep in any position.

Pillow size: 60 × 40 × 14 cm. Removable pillowcase made of organic cotton.

Price: 3,170 rubles.


8. With springs

The pillow features mini-springs surrounded by a polyester fiber filler. Each is in a separate bag and works autonomously. The product adapts to the contours of the body and provides uniform support for the head, neck and shoulders during sleep in any position.

Model size: 70 × 50 × 20 cm. The viscose pillowcase has an embossed surface with a massage effect. The cover is breathable and machine washable.

Price: 2,079 rubles.


9. With plush cover

Designed specifically for travel, this memory foam model folds into a compact roll and fastens with snaps. In this form, the pillow can be placed under the neck or stored in a purse from the kit.

Product unfolded size: 40 × 30 × 6 cm. The soft plush cover with soft pimples is removable and machine washable.

Price: 1,900 rubles.


Bonus: hug pillow

The hug pillow is designed for comfortable sleep on the stomach and side. With a length of 160 cm, it will relieve tension not only in the neck. You can put a pillow under your knees to relieve the lower back, or wrap your arms around it and squeeze it between your legs — this will reduce pressure on the spine. As a filler, a hypoallergenic synthetic winterizer is used — the product quickly takes its original shape.

The width of the model is 35 cm. The external removable cover is made of soft cotton jersey.

Price: 2 990 rubles.


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