Solid color T-shirt with short sleeves and round neckline made of cotton. In the reviews, buyers note that the fabric is pleasant to the touch, and also praise the quality of tailoring.

The product is sold in 20 colors. There are also many sizes — from XS to XXL.

Price: 452 rubles.



Smart collar for cats and dogs keeps track of the distance traveled by the pet, the duration of sleep and wakefulness. The accessory will be useful when training dogs. The manufacturer offers to turn on a certain sound, say the right command, and then give a treat.

The collar will help to find a pet if it ran away from the owner no further than 10–15 m. To do this, you will need to install a special application on your smartphone.

The case of the device is not afraid of rain and splashes. The name of the animal can be applied to the capsule.

Price: 823 rubles.


Clothes dryer

The dryer is attached to the wall using the parts that are supplied in the kit. To hang clothes, you need to pull two threads-beams out of the case. They are made of stainless steel, each length is 4.2 m.

Compared to conventional floor dryers, this model takes up minimal space and is easy to fold.

Price: from 1,678 rubles.



The Jedi sword is useful for cosplay, funny photo shoots and comic battles with friends. The color of the backlight can be chosen to your taste from 12 presets. The sword can also play various sounds and melodies. There are 10, 16 or 22 of them in the device’s memory — the number depends on the model.

The sword is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery, charged by a USB cable. The length of the «weapon» is 82 or 92 cm.

Price: from 2,696 rubles.



It will be convenient to take such a towel with you to the gym, trips and hikes. It folds up compactly, stows away in a silicone capsule and takes up minimal space in your bag. Made from microfiber. This material absorbs water well and dries quickly. The towel is sold in two sizes: 40 × 40 cm and 30 × 80 cm.

Price: from 242 rubles.


Transparent stickers

Double-sided adhesive tape in the shape of a square will help out if you need to fix something. For example, attach a hook to the table or hang a small frame on the wall.

Reusable stickers. They can be washed under running water and reused.

There can be 5, 20 or 50 pieces in one set. Piece size: 6 × 6 cm.

Price: from 58 rubles.


Shoe patches

Stickers will help you quickly patch up holes in heels, toes and other parts of your shoes. Using patches is simple: just remove the protective layer on the sticky side and attach to the right place.

Available in the most common colors: white, black, grey, beige and red. The set consists of 4 or 6 pieces.

Price: from 64 rubles.



The city backpack is made of durable canvas fabric — you can wear this every day and not worry that it will wear out quickly. Inside there is a large main compartment, a smaller compartment and a zip pocket. On the front there is a patch pocket and a zippered compartment for a smartphone, cardholder and other small things. On the side there is a place for a water bottle. Backpack size: 32 × 45 × 17 cm.

Price: 875 rubles.


Auto drive

The automatic drive independently opens the greenhouse door or compartments on its roof for ventilation. The mechanism starts when the temperature inside rises to 20 °C. The hotter it is in the greenhouse, the wider the doors and doors swing open.

The kit comes with the necessary fasteners. The product description contains detailed installation instructions.

Delivery is carried out from Russia, a guarantee is 2 years.

Price: 2,500 rubles.


Silicone bags

500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml silicone bags can be used to store leftovers from cooked and unprocessed foods, as well as various liquids. Products are sealed, retain the taste and smell of food. They can be heated in the microwave and oven, stored in the freezer, and washed in the dishwasher. Six colors are available to order.

Price: from 383 rubles.



The lamp is powered by a battery and is recharged from a USB or wall outlet. It can be attached in the hallway, above the table, in the closet or other poorly lit places. It can work constantly or turn on automatically when motion is detected, and then go out after 15-20 seconds.

The length of the device is from 10 to 31 cm, depending on the model chosen. The backlight color can be warm yellow or cool white.

Price: from 312 rubles.


laundry accessory

Small accessories with a rough surface will help out during washing. They will collect hair and wool from things — clothes will look much cleaner.

These «balls» are reusable: they can be cleaned of litter, rinsed under water and reused. Despite the bright colors, there are no complaints in any review that the products have dyed clothes.

The set may contain 4, 6, 8 or 9 pieces.

Price: from 156 rubles.


A cup

80 ml ceramic cup for tea or coffee. Available in 11 design options: all models are painted with various abstract patterns. Buyers note that the mug is pleasing to the eye, it is pleasant to use it.

Price: 178 rubles.


Tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

The tablet with a powerful Snapdragon 860 processor is complemented by 6 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory. Colors and frames on the LCD display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a brightness of 500 nits will change smoothly. When watching movies or reading books, the eyes will not strain and get tired.

The tablet has a main camera with a 13 MP sensor and a front camera with an 8 MP module. Four stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support are responsible for the sound. For autonomous work throughout the day — a battery with a capacity of 8,720 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this is definitely enough for a whole day of work. The battery supports 22.5W fast charging.

The OS of the device is MIUI adapted for tablets. It supports stylus input and split screen mode. The “pen” itself is included and can work autonomously for up to 8 hours.

Price: from 24,025 rubles.


portable power station

A portable power station with a capacity of 40,800 mAh can be taken with you on vacation. She will help out if in nature you don’t want to part with familiar things like a hair dryer. You can connect a charger for a smartphone to the station, connect a column, a portable refrigerator and other devices powered by the mains.

The station battery will last for 15 smartphone charging cycles. It will take 5 hours to feed a mini-fridge, a tablet, a fan, a drone — 6 hours. Replenishment of the gadget itself will take from 4 to 6 hours.

There are seven connectors on the case for connecting equipment: a 220 V socket, two DC connectors, 2 USB ports with support for fast charging using the QC protocol, and one regular USB‑A. You can carry the station from place to place by the handle.

Price: 7,834 rubles.



Small waterproof toys start to glow in different colors when they fall into the water. They run on AG3 batteries, which are non-replaceable. How many batteries last, the seller does not specify. Available in sets of 6-18 pieces.

Price: from 342 rubles.


3D puzzle

The Flying Dutchman 3D puzzle consists of 360 pieces. It will be interesting to collect it for both children and adults. To make the windows glow from the inside, you will need to purchase two AA batteries separately. You can turn the backlight on and off using the button on the controller. Shipping from China is free.

Price: 1 810 rubles.


Smart watch Amazfit X

A watch with an original curved screen monitors all the important indicators of physical activity: the number of steps taken, the pulse and the level of oxygen in the blood. The display shows the weather, time and notifications.

For sports, there are 9 training modes. There is support for GPS / GLONASS. Without recharging, the watch will last approximately 7 days.

Price: 5 549 rubles.


Sealing tape

Tape with a sticky layer for sealing joints. For example, between the bathroom and the wall, the toilet and the floor, the sink and the countertop. The product is sold in skeins, there are four sizes and six colors to choose from.

Price: from 104 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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