Google decided to update the design of the search engine, getting rid of the usual layout of the tabs «News», «Pictures», «Videos» and others. The new look is already found on both some computers and mobile devices.

Image: ReviewGeek

Now, instead of the usual search sections, Google offers advanced suggestions for a search query. They are located on the usual plate under the input line. For example, if a user googles “smartphones”, then the engine will suggest “under $300”, “new”, or “Samsung”.

Image: ReviewGeek

At the same time, traditional search sections have not completely disappeared; they can be found in the same pile with query completion options. Therefore, the user will have to scroll through the horizontal prompts to find the desired category.

The old view (left) and the new one. Screenshots: ReviewGeek

Users who were lucky enough to be testers of the fresh design criticized the innovation. Most of the complaints are related to the lack of intuitiveness of the interface and regular bugs. For example, the search engine offers people from the USA to search for goods in Indian rupees. Another major drawback of the innovation is the inability to sort search results by publication date, which is sometimes extremely important.

While the new interface is undergoing limited testing, its large-scale implementation is not reported.

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