We have collected products that will help make your home library more convenient. Shelves for books of the original form, convenient baskets and props-unicorns.

Shelving for books of an unusual shape

Shelving for books of an unusual shape

A banal bookcase can become a real decoration of a room if you choose a model of an unusual shape. For example, a light low rack with asymmetrical shelves or a tree-shaped cabinet. Books can be arranged in the usual way — by authors and editions. Or sort by cover color to make a book rainbow. If you like laconic interiors in soft colors, try wrapping books in craft paper.

Hanging book shelves

Hanging shelves

If there is not enough free space in the room, try arranging books on hanging shelves. They are roomy enough, but do not clutter up the space. You can choose the most inconspicuous designs. Or vice versa, stop on a shelf of an interesting shape and make it a highlight of the interior.

Table shelves for books

Table shelves for books

If piles of books and documents constantly accumulate on the desktop, a desktop rack will help organize the space. You can choose two-level shelves for storing important little things. Or stop at special organizers in which books stand upright and do not take up much space.

Shelves for storing books in the nursery

how to store books in a nursery

Place books in the children’s room — a task with an asterisk. They should stand so that the little reader can clearly see the books, it is convenient to get them out and put them away. You can choose a compact shelf-showcase in which books are front cover. Or take a low open cabinet of an interesting shape.

Boxes and baskets for books

boxes and crates

An option for those who like to keep books at hand. The basket can be placed by the sofa in the living room. Hang a fabric organizer on the back of the bed. Such devices will not only help organize books, but also complement the interior of the room.

Book holders

Book holders

Book holders solve two problems at once. Firstly, they allow you to place books even on shelves without walls. And secondly, they add zest to the interior. It remains only to choose what you like — funny cats, pretentious unicorns or laconic little men.


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