In team work, it is quite common to share information with colleagues. Ideas, plans and tasks can be visualized on a whiteboard or on paper, but this method is not always suitable if some employees work from home. The same problem arises in the educational process for teachers and students.

The Witeboard service is an online whiteboard with infinite space on which you can draw, draw, and place text. It is suitable for drawing up plans, diagrams and fixing sketches of ideas. Also useful when discussing new tasks.

The new board page opens completely from scratch. It has a minimalistic interface, the main tools are located in the menu below. The user can move vertically and add new elements.

For visualization, Witeboard has four main tools: pencil, line, text, and eraser. Next to them are a button to return to the previous action and a color palette for drawing. You can quickly switch between elements using hotkeys.

A drop-down menu with a list of additional actions and settings is also available in the lower left corner. Through it, the night mode of the interface is activated and a new board is created. Witeboard is able to determine the shapes (Shape Detection) that the user is trying to depict, and convert them into perfectly even shapes. This feature can be disabled if desired.

The Help button brings up a screen with a list of hotkeys. The top right corner displays the icons of the users who are currently working on the board. By selecting Share from the menu, you can copy the link to your active workspace and share it with colleagues.

Witeboard unfolds to its fullest when you’re collaborating as a team. A finished drawing or diagram can be easily exported as a PNG image. This feature allows you to quickly capture the contents of the board at different stages of the discussion of ideas.

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