1. With large tank

The drinker works on the principle of communicating vessels: water from the tank enters the bowl as it is empty. The container holds 3.5 liters — you can safely leave your pet alone for a week. During the absence, it is better to pour bottled or purified water into the drinker — it stays fresh longer.

The model is made of food-safe plastic and is easy to clean. The seller also offers a similar design feeder, pink or turquoise. The model is supplemented with a lid through which you can add food without disassembling the product completely.

Price: 638 rubles.


2. With food bowl

The drinker works on the same principle as the previous model: water is poured into the reservoir and flows by gravity into the bowl. The volume of the liquid container is 1 liter. There is a lid on top that also doubles as a food bowl. Made from durable ABS plastic. If necessary, the drinker can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning.

Price: 998 rubles.


3. With anti-slip base

The drinker has a rubberized base, thanks to which it will not slide on the floor in the bathroom or in the kitchen. To prevent dust, wool and other debris from getting into the container, the tank is closed with a tight lid. It can be filled with both water and food. The volume of the model is 3.79 liters.

Price: 1,154 rubles.


4. Powered by power bank

Drinking fountain with a volume of 3 liters is powered from the mains via USB. Inside the device is a pump that constantly drives water through the filter. On the side of the case there is a transparent window for monitoring the water level.

The drinker works silently and is suitable for cats, dogs and birds. It is convenient that the drinker can be connected to a power bank — the pet will be provided with clean water even during outdoor recreation.

Price: 1,590 rubles.


5. Backlit

This option is suitable for animals that are used to drinking water straight from the tap. The model has a nozzle with a high spout and a transparent container of 2 liters. There is a function to automatically turn off the pump in case of insufficient water.

Also, the drinker has an additional function — it can serve as a night light with a soft blue backlight. The device is powered from the mains via a USB cable.

Price: 1 890 rubles.


6. With replaceable filters

The electric drinker is powered by a network or a power bank and makes almost no noise during operation. To purify water from impurities and small debris, a replaceable filter is located at the base of the device.

The device is completely disassembled — it is easy to take care of the drinker. The tank holds 3 liters of liquid. Available in blue and white models. When ordering, you can choose a kit, supplemented by six replacement filters.

Price: from 1,097 rubles.


7. With motion sensor

The drinker comes with a motion sensor. It connects to the device via USB and automatically turns on the fountain when a pet approaches. The 2.4 liter tank has an indicator window to monitor the water level. There is a built-in backlight.

The drinker is connected to the outlet using a power cord. There is also the possibility of power supply via USB cable. You can order the basic model without a motion sensor. Available in two colors.

Price: from 1,384 rubles.


8. App controlled

The device with backlight and Wi‑Fi‑module supports remote control. In the proprietary Petoneer application, you can set up a drinking bowl schedule or remotely turn the device on and off. In addition, notifications will be sent to your smartphone when you need to change the water or clean the device.

The reservoir holds 1.9 liters of liquid. In the event of a power outage, a small amount of water will remain in the tray. The drinking bowl works from a network through USB. The power adapter is not included.

Price: 3,568 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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