BURO. recalls the cult games released before 2010. Some especially devoted fans still play exactly these versions, and, apparently, for a reason.

6 old school PC games we love (photo 1)


The game recently turned 20 years old — a great occasion to create an ideal family again or go from an ordinary office clerk to the CEO of a large company in a few days. And if you don’t feel like working at all, there is always a code that we all remember, of course.


At the sound of “e-ron-don-don”, all fans of the Fast and the Furious, racing and tuning immediately recall the game Need for speed. You play as Ryan Cooper, a racing driver who dreams of becoming the best in town. However, unlike previous games in this series, the developers do not offer us expensive cars, but rather affordable Honda, Mazda and Ford. In real street racing, the role is played by the spirit and tuning, and not the pathos of expensive cars.


Half Life was one of the first shooter games with thoughtful storytelling and great player involvement. It is no coincidence that Valve developers released the first VR shooter with their own helmet in 2020. The game exceeded all expectations in terms of mechanics, story and gameplay.

6 old school computer games that we love (photo 2)


A game familiar to us from the pink inscription «Mission failed» and missions with a helicopter. You play as Tommy Vercetti, who trades in dirty deeds, can easily steal a car or shoot a passerby. The game was accused of ultraviolence and excessive cruelty, but we ourselves choose what kind of hero we want to be.


All games in this series are cult, but among the fans, the third part is considered the best. In this strategy, you take part in battles, capture enemy cities and upgrade your army. You can play with bots, as well as compete with friends from the same computer.


The game that had a huge impact on the real-time multiplayer strategy genre. The fantasy universe of Warcraft allows you to fight against various opponents, go to the dungeons with friends, upgrade your character or just explore the open world.

And if you don’t feel like downloading games to your computer or they don’t make you feel anything, there’s always snake, solitaire and solitaire.


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