In recent years, wearable devices (or so-called wearables) have firmly entered our lives. And, although today you will not surprise anyone with smart watches, the industry continues to develop dynamically and more and more new electronic gadgets appear on the market that can become your personal accessory.

The difference between wearable devices is that they are initially designed so that it is convenient for a person to always carry them with him. At the same time, the most advanced solutions already today allow you to contact the user literally through the skin, quickly responding to needs. There is nothing fantastic in this, because, in fact, the same fitness bracelet does the same thing: it reads the parameters of the state of the body and informs us about the pulse rate, oxygen saturation of the blood. But today you can pick up much more interesting accessories.


Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 1)

Probably the most obvious thought is that a gadget can be not only on the wrist and be beautiful. So, today every fan of fashionable things can order a necklace with an alarm button. If you are in danger, just press it with your hand or hold your finger at a certain part of the jewelry for a while. The necklace will immediately report your location to your relatives or immediately to the police. An alarm can be sent to any phone with your exact location, so the wearable can also be used to call a personal driver if you’re at a party and find yourself out of touch.


However, a smart device does not have to be compact and refined. For example, Lightning Packs produces smart backpacks that protect your back and shoulders from overloads. This device has sensors and a rather complex mechanism for compensating movements. When you take the next step, the system shifts the backpack up a little, and then vice versa, down. The Lightning Pack reads the wearer’s movements and moves out of phase. At the same time, the result is impressive — orthopedists noted a decrease in the load on the joints by 86%!

Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 2)


Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 3)

Externally, modern wearable devices can be completely indistinguishable from the gadgets we are already familiar with. For example, with the help of the Neiry Earbud device, any headphones turn into a powerful sensor that not only acts as a handsfree, but also reads the state of the wearer’s nervous system. Thus, with the help of smart headphones, you can measure the level of stress and irritation, as well as analyze the cause of its occurrence. The presence of a built-in neural interface also makes mental commands possible, for example, ending a call.


As already mentioned about modern wearable devices, they do not have to be small. For example, smart heated jackets also fall into the wearables category. Among them there are both branded models and more affordable options (you can even find these on AliExpress). A smart jacket maintains a comfortable temperature inside and can warm even in severe frost. The main thing is not to forget to charge the battery while you are at home.

Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 4)


Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 5)

Shoes are smart too. For example, the Nike brand has been selling automatic lacing sneakers for several years now. This is great news for athletes, because the leg naturally changes its shape with active use. A shoe sensor checks how tight the tension is, and electric motors automatically adjust the laces to fit your foot. Thus, the optimal lacing for training, competition and recreation is obtained.


Fitness bracelet users have long been measuring their heart rate and getting reminders when to stretch. But there are more and more wearable devices on the market that perform more complex medical measurements. They read critical indicators and monitor the human condition continuously. So, today there are systems for monitoring the state of blood vessels, a fairly accurate measurement of pressure and other parameters. If the received data changes for the worse, they immediately inform the owner of the need to undergo an examination.

Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 6)


Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 7)

Interestingly, a smart device can not only be worn — you can also lie on it. So, many manufacturers today offer intelligent mattresses, pillows and sleeping mats. Such systems adapt to the shape and position of the body and create the most comfortable relief and temperature for your rest. Some models also allow you to set the desired sleep profile through a mobile application on your smartphone.


Plunging into the gameplay, every gamer wants to get the maximum range of experiences. That is why for games people most often choose headphones with large ear cushions that completely isolate from the surrounding space. New smart models of gaming headphones, which will be released in early 2022, are accompanied by sensors for reading brain impulses. For example, the Neiry Play is equipped with nine sensors and allows you to execute mental commands that can be configured through a convenient application. You can play with such headphones, including on a mobile device, for example, right in the subway.

Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 8)


Not only a fitness bracelet: 9 wearable devices for a comfortable life (photo 9)

The last but very important gadget on the list is smart lenses. They are suitable for those who use the contact method of vision correction or simply want to control the operation of applications with the help of their eyes. Similar developments are now carried out by Google, Microsoft and Sony. And some companies, such as Mojo Vision, have already managed to create the first versions of such wearables. Enthusiasts are already using electronic interface lenses, and in the near future they will be able to open emails, answer calls and generally control smartphones with a single movement of the eyes.


Engineering companies continue to create more and more new prototypes, use neural interfaces, fast data transfer technologies, and energy-efficient computing. All this expands the range of possible solutions from the wearables segment, and now you can find «emotional» dresses, smart jewelry, trousers, T-shirts, underwear and even booties for babies, as well as wearable devices for pets.

According to experts, in 2025 the number of personal electronic devices will grow to 21.5 billion pieces, which means that each person will have several gadgets of various types, types and formats at once.


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