Lifehacker and LitRes have prepared a special selection of books for self-development and broadening one’s horizons. You can get acquainted with it and pick up one book for free after applying the promo code study22lh.

It also gives a 20% discount on a single purchase of any number of books in audio and electronic format from the entire LitRes catalog. You must place an order within three days after activating the promotional code. The promotion will run until September 12th.

Image: LitRes/Lifehacker

In the selection with gifts there are biographies of famous personalities, literature on history, art and psychology, and more. For example, you can pick up the popular science book “History of the Earth. From stardust to a living planet. The first 4,500,000,000 years».

It tells how the first chemical elements appeared, stars were formed and life was born. At the same time, Robert Hazen not only tells about the past of our planet in a fascinating way, but also offers a glimpse into the future, describing fantastic scenarios for the development of the Earth.

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