As the name suggests, this application does not contain anything extra — just a lot of cute wallpapers for your smartphone. They are sorted into folders and categories, and you can easily find a background to your liking. The program can save your favorite pictures to the memory of your smartphone so that you do not lose them. New wallpapers at NothingbutWallpapers appear regularly.

App blocker

An extremely simple application that allows you to block unnecessary programs and sites so that your smartphone does not distract you. Add social networks and instant messengers there, and every time you are tempted to scroll the feed instead of work, in place of the desired media, you will see a blank with a life-affirming and motivating inscription. Just do not forget to give the program access to the settings on your smartphone — it will ask you about it after installation — otherwise the lock will not work.


Promling will force you to write something every day — about pre-set things or on a free topic. The interface of the application slightly resembles a messenger, so it’s as if you are sending messages to yourself. This program is useful for beginner writers who want to constantly practice, as well as those who just want to keep a diary.


A voice recorder app that will appeal to journalists, interviewers, students who record lectures, and generally anyone who captures data in audio format. MicCheck allows you not only to write sound, but also to put timestamps on recordings, accompanying them with comments, so that later you can easily find important places. In addition, the saved audio fragments can be sorted into groups and assigned tags to them so as not to get confused in them.

Microsoft Outlook Lite

Most likely, Outlook needs no introduction — it is one of the most popular email clients on both computers and smartphones. Microsoft Outlook Lite is a lightweight version of its «big brother», which weighs only about 5 MB. Nevertheless, the program allows you to comfortably work with mail, calendar and contacts and contains all the same necessary functions as a full-fledged client for Android.


A simple application in which you can count. It consists of three elements — buttons «Add», «Subtract» and a counter. Despite the apparent uselessness, it will be more effective than curled fingers, because the number here is not limited to ten. If you have to count some items or the number of repeated actions, Counter can quite help with this.

Quick Cursor

The program is useful for those who are not very comfortable using a large smartphone. It creates a zone in the corner of the display with which you can move the cursor around the screen. This is very useful if you need to control the gadget with one hand — for example, in transport. For an application to work, you need to give it the ability to change accessibility settings.

plant parent

Extremely useful application for gardeners. It allows you to determine the type and genus of a plant from its photograph. It is enough to point the camera at the leaves of your green pet, and the neural network will recognize it. Plant Parent will give useful recommendations: how to water the flower, care for it and feed it. In addition, the program can evaluate the health of a plant by its appearance and report if something is wrong with it. Unfortunately, the application is paid, but it can be used for a week in trial mode without restrictions.


This is a recipe manager containing a variety of cocktails — both popular and obscure. It is possible to add a few ingredients that you have at the bar to Drinkable, and the program itself will mix any cocktail and give out a unique recipe. The only problem is that the interface is only in English.


It’s a smart alarm clock that adjusts to your sleep cycles and tries to wake you up when it’s most convenient for your body. The app uses your smartphone’s microphone and proximity sensors to track how often you toss and turn in your sleep and how often you snore, and helps you gauge the quality of your sleep. It works, of course, not as accurately as a smart bracelet or watch, but not bad either. In addition, Sleepwave can play various soothing sounds for you before going to sleep, such as the sound of wind or rain.


that’s a cow

Pretty stupid, but in its own way hilarious in its absurdity, a runner game about a cow. Milk animal runs through the levels, knocking down opponents, collecting coins and solving simple puzzles. And if there is an obstacle in front of the cow, she can fly over it … on a stream of milk. The idea is strange, but the game is really captivating.

Build Master: Unknownland

Space construction and landscaping simulator. You arrive on an ocean planet where there is nothing but water and try to make it look decent by placing islands everywhere, planting plants and building buildings. Despite the seeming simplicity and cartoonishness, the game will have to work hard on management so that your beautiful, lovingly built colony does not die from a lack of resources.

TerraGenesis: Landfall

Another construction simulator, only this time you land on a planet where there is no water at all — Mars. You have to build a decent base there — well, one that Elon Musk would be jealous of. There is also the possibility of building colonies on the Moon and even Venus. Most importantly, do not forget to master the production of oxygen, electricity, food and other things that are so necessary for astronauts.


Exciting cross-country bike racing. Ski tracks are generated here automatically using a random algorithm, so that each ride will be different from the previous one. Drive back and forth, bypassing opponents, do cool tricks and somersaults — in general, feel like an extreme biker.

Hungry Shark World

This is a kind of slasher where you play as a hungry shark and try to gobble up as many swimmers, tourists, submarines, other sharks, seagulls and other delicious creatures as possible. As you progress through the game, you will be able to discover new types of sharks, as well as improve them — for example, add saws to their mouths and blasters to their skulls. Naturally, after all, any self-respecting shark cannot do without laser beams from its eyes.

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